#lookchandler#lookchandler #lookchandler#lookchandler #lookchandler#lookchandler I love you so so so much😭💋 please answer it would mean the world to me, oh and just found out my grad is on your birthday❤️ two good things in one day!!! Sam Wong

i like your picture!

Was it snowing where you live?

yeah not much though

who's your favorite band/music group? p.s. i LOVE you on twd IceTaters

twenty one pilots

Pap with your girl friend ❤️❤️ Naomie Bérubé

Where you live?

atlanta, georgia

all the time I have in mind that I will never know and that you will never know that I exist brenhr_1813



why not

#lookchandler pic of you and Brianna

¿Pic? ❤🙈🙉🙊


#lookchandler #lookchandler pap of the recent picture of you and Brianna☺️

#lookChandler #lookChandler I really like TVD and I love your character... wish this serie to be endless or see you acting soon in another one.. hahahahaha. I wish you a great future being a great person 💕 i like you☺️ Y si también hablo español👅 ily Lucia Jimenez

thank you so much! y sí hablo español

If you were to dye your hair what color would you dye it? Yareni

keep it the way it is lol

How can I get a letter to you? How can I contact you? Please. I want to know your appreciated and admired. Keelan Hardy

i accept them at comic cons and such

This is really a question, but I think that people hating on Brianna need to get a hold of themselves, she's a great person and extremely lucky to have you 😊😊 if you'd ever maybe consider it, my Twitter is @ItsKayeSageee if you could follow me as an early birthday present. Feb 29! Ily :) Kaitlyn Sage Rignes

thank you!

I hurt the gingerbread boy cause,he's pretend bread boy-finish the lyrics

little cookie man never waved to me


When I say Kelly you say jelly, Kelly jelly Kelly jelly Kelly Kelly


jelly jelly jelly

peanut butter is better

have a good day!❤love you #lookchandler nevaeh



my hair is longggg

You have girlfriend? Pic <3 Pequena :3

Pic?🙊💕❤️ ≫Lupita. ❁

Pic 😍😍😍😍😘💜 i love you

When was the last time you took a picture with a fan? 😍😍😍😅😊 #chandlerlook

can you say something in spanish!?☺😊😁#lookchandler

Estoy muy emocionado!


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