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Lol. You may yes just so I reveal who I am. But honestly I can tell you're not but you try to hide it very well

lol u dont know what u talking about . who are u tell me now or forever dieee in a pit of evil barbies lmao

Just bc I tell you it won't change anything. youre moving in the opposite direction of where I live.

where do u live>?

Oh... Guess its pointless for us to get to know each other then...

u wont even tell me who u are so.. thats your fault lol

So why am I seeing my name on here? Who is this person?

idk ... someone who doesnt know what they are talking about lol

I told you before, ask before you assume. Meaning if you really wanted the truth you would ask.

ok i really want the truth so are u going to tell me?


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