What're your kinks, Sky? Inquiring otters want to know B)

"Otters"? I think there's only one otter, which is also half-bug...
But anyway. Wall of text, maybe NSFW. I hit the character limit, so this is a quick run-down; ask about something in particular for more details! This list is mostly based on what I'll do if I roleplay or something. (Yes, I do roleplay often; go stalk me on FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK. Or heck, Skype works.)
Willing and painless are the only hard criteria; anything that pass those are welcome, I'm willing to try. But of course, there are certain things that particularly push my buttons.
I'm mostly being submissive, but I guess that's pretty common around here. Just a warning so you know why I tend to talk things done to me in the examples.
Toons! Flattening, stretching, all sorts of toony silliness and abuse. Along with this is also throwing away physics and reality at whim. Flatten me to be worn as a shirt, or stretch me about to tie myself up with my own limbs...
Transformation! Inanimate TFs and material TFs are favorite. Inanimate, like, a shirt, a bag, a car, or if you're feeling naughty, a toy for your personal use. Or make me into a living candy, or into a puddle of goo... Oh, before you ask, yes, CTF counts; it's inanimate TF. Rarely will do species TFs, though.
Encasement/immobilization/petrification! Being immobilized is quite a big thing, as I recently discovered. Encase and immobilize me in a very tight suit. Or petrify (and hence immobilize) me by turning me into a stone statue. All that sort.
Vore! All sorts; soft or hard, harmless or digestion, oral/AV/CV/unbirth... Rarely do the waste stuff (read: scat), though. Also, combine with toony above for silly results: eaten through belly button, digested into a puddle of goo?
Snuff! Yes, deaths. Yes, you're not supposed to do this in real life, if you haven't realized the sheer unreality from the above. I'm more into snuffie, though, where everything is happy (see above: willing). http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Snuffie And while at that, mix it up with vore: cook me in whatever way you can think of!
That's all I can think up at the moment. There are minor stuff, like bondage (covered in immobilization), latex (probably encasement), mummification (also immobilization), long-term/permanent (not necessary; I find short-term and long-term equally enjoyable), and such, but I think those are the major ones. At least until I find something new.
So... yes, this page is going to be my own minefield now, if people I don't expect come here to read. But eh, YOLO.

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