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Is it bad that I don't want a relationship? I find myself having constant hook ups or one night stands and I sleep with them and never see them again. I feel like if people in my life knew this about me they would judge me, but I don't want to feel tied down by a relationship and I'm having fun!!

Hello, your question was answered two weeks ago (incase you hadn’t received the alert) on:
Good luck and BE YOU! Feel free to send another Q anytime!

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There’s that one person, you’ve always heard about, seen about, but haven’t really had the time to talk to! But you constantly find yourself going back to their profile or having a small chat and non stop thinking of them. What would you do, how do you curve this?

Hello anonymous, thank you so much for sending in your question. Your answer has now gone live, click here to view and thank you for your patience:
Feel free to post again with the next instalment of your what's happening in your life, we'd all love to know how it works out!

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