Ask @charmainekinky:

Whoa hot! Ok topic change haha. What's the most perverted thing a guy has ever done to you at a club?

I was fucked on the dance floor quite a few times, with a big group of friends covering us of course.
In terms of perverted as in like creepy, there was a guy who took out his dick without me knowing and tried to place it at my hands.

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Anyone ever untied the side ties of your string bikini bottoms out of the blue? What happened after?

Haha yup! Nothing much actually though there were people looking at me I just calmly picked it up and wore it back haha.
There was another time when my friend took it away while I was in the water! There was no way to come out so I just continued staying in the water bottomless :)

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I meant like what kind of outerwear do you wear to work? Like what sort of skirts/dresses would make a guy rock hard?

If I get a ride to work, then I can basically wear anything I want (naked/lingerie). If it's grab or public transport, a kimono robe kind of dress would do the work for me to strip down to lingerie when I reach office. Or else, it would be back to the normal tight bodycon tube dresses or tank tops and fbts that leave nothing to imagination, which was mostly worn when I first started work.

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