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do u still watch disney movies? what are u faves?

I don't really keep up-to-date with new releases, but I still watch Disney movies on occasion.
That said, my two main favorites are Encanto and Beauty And The Beast (animated).

hv u watched Wednesday on netflix? are u planning to?

Have not yet, but I've considered it.
I know how I am though. I have to mentally prepare myself when starting a new series, and by the time I do, the hype is usually dead, lol

what gifts did u get/receive during ur bday?

I was only given cash as a gift, but I used that to buy a baja hoodie and a couple of crystals from a metaphysical shop.

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do you have a secret social media acct used for stalking ppl or talking w close friends,?

Technically, I have multiple secret social medias, but I won't disclose which ones—for obvious reasons.
Seeing as I'm aiming for a disconnect between my YouTube persona and my personal life, it's basically the only reasonable conclusion for me to still contact loved ones without their DMs getting lost in my public inboxes.

What is your earliest memory? 💭🗓️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My mom doesn't remember this, so I don't know for a fact if it's chronologically my first memory, but it sounds about right.
I remember going to Walmart with my parents when I was a toddler. I know it was around Christmas time, because the entrances to the store were lit up with string lights. And I guess maybe that's what distracted me?
Because I then separated from my parents when my mom let go of my hand for a moment. Once I was done looking at whatever distracted me, I turned to look for my parents, and I didn't see them anywhere. And since I was so small, I couldn't just look through the crowd to find them.
I saw a couple some ways in front of me who looked like they were dressed similar to my parents, so I assumed it was them, and went toward them instead. I followed them for a while until my parents found me and took me with them.
It all probably only happened in the matter of a minute, but I still remember that little flutter of panic I felt.
So yeah. Of course, my earliest memory would be getting lost and scared in a superstore 😂

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How do you usually celebrate Thanksgiving? Any specific kinds of foods that you like especially? 🦃🥧🍂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not to be cynical, but "celebrate" is an extremely loose term for what I do.
It just doesn't set right with me how there's a day devoted to the supposed "mutual peace" between settlers and natives, despite reality being far more macabre than that.
So to me, it's just another Thursday, but with good food, extended family, and "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden on an hour loop.
Now that I made things sufficiently depressing—and since it'd be kinda boring to simply list everything I prefer—here's a tier list where I ranked Thanksgiving items.
How do you usually celebrate Thanksgiving Any specific kinds of foods that you
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list 10 of ur favorite songs of all time please?!

Of all time? 😬 That's kinda a toughy.
I'll mainly just judge by which of my childhood favorites have most effectively stuck with me this long.
In order of release:
— "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
— "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult
— "Hotel California" by Eagles
— "Barracuda" by Heart
— "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield
— "Shot in the Dark" by Ozzy Osbourne
— "Poison" by Alice Cooper
— "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers
— "Given Up" by Linkin Park
— "Knives and Pens" by Black Veil Brides
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do u cook? what can u cook?

I mean, I can cook, I just normally can't afford ingredients to try new things or make a home-cooked meal often. That said, most of what I make is pretty basic.
Aside from anything that's pre-packaged and has instructions printed on the box/bag, I can do fried/scrambled eggs, omelettes, toast (with avocado, Nutella, or butter and garlic powder as my go-tos), french toast, pumpkin french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade Chipotle-inspired chicken burritos, potato wedges, spaghetti...
I also got adventurous after watching Encanto a million times earlier this year, and made arepas con queso on a few occasions.
I might be missing something else, but that's about it. I'm not particularly skilled or intricate like some people are in the kitchen. 😅
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"only 66% of 18-24 yo in the US is confident that the world is round". wby, do you think the world is round? why 😂

Yes, because I don't read conspiracy theories on Reddit as my source of "education."
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What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I feel it's fun to be able to paint with friends. Especially when you don't need to be gifted for it.
The last time my friends and I got to do that was in 2018 for my best friend's birthday party. She wanted each of us to paint something on her bedroom door, and it ended up looking like graffiti gone wrong.
There's so many inside jokes, anime/video game references, and random doodles that I can't even get to touch on all of the stories behind them.
I attached a picture of it, and while I can't remember everything I painted, I know I made the mandala flower toward the center, as well as the crappy little evergreen tree and Operator/Slender Man symbol next to it at the bottom.
On a related side note: I also remember the inclusion of "Medberry" was referring to a cursed ship name we made for two of our teachers at the time. I wasn't the person who painted it, but that pairing was definitely an ongoing inside joke between all of us throughout that school year. It's so incredibly stupid in hindsight, but we thought it was hilarious for some reason, lol

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What do you find especially fun to do together with others
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If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? Why? 🐶🐱🐵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Technically, insects count as animals, so I'd say a caterpillar/butterfly. With some time inside their chrysalis, caterpillars dissolve/break down from the inside out and evolve into something more beautiful than what they started out with—a butterfly.
In a metaphorical sense, I'm similar, except I don't go through one massive transformation and call it quits. I keep evolving and transforming into something bigger and better than I used to be, until I possibly can't anymore.

If you could only bring one album to listen to during a roadtrip, which would it be? 💿🚘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Probably "Happier Than Ever" by Billie Eilish. I feel like it overall has enough energy to keep me entertained, but is relatively calm enough for me to be able to think and reflect on my surroundings. Not to mention, each song has a different vibe to it, which would be refreshing for a long drive.
If you could only bring one album to listen to during a roadtrip which would it
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Felt like checking up on everyone I follow so, how are you doing? Anything special you've been up to recently? 😄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Lately, I'm kind of just chilling and trying to recharge my social battery because September drained it all out. 😅 A lot of exciting things happened that month though!
Toward the beginning of the month, I went to Kings Island with my partner and their family, which was nice—except for the wicked sunburn I got on my shoulders. I felt like I made some actual progress in getting closer to their family, so it was wholesome in that sense though.
Then only a week after that trip, I got to see some of my favorite bands perform live on the Trinity Of Terror Tour!! The main lineup was Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills, and Black Veil Brides, with the opening band being We Came As Romans. Until then, it had been 11 years since I saw BVB and 3 years since I saw INK. The other 2 were a first-time experience for me, but all of them killed it just the same. I almost lost my voice from screaming, through BVB's set especially.
And even crazier still is that one of my friends from middle school was there (which I had no idea she was until I saw her posting on Snapchat about it). It took some effort and messaging each other, but we eventually met up, and it was a perfect little full-circle moment for us.
When I saw BVB those 11 years prior, that same friend was at the same show as me, and even though we crossed paths that day, we didn't know each other. We only met about 2 years later when she started going to my school, and that's when we bonded over the band and became friends.
So us getting to watch BVB perform TOGETHER and as friends this time was absolutely mind-blowing to me. Still is, if you can't tell, lol
After that, again only about a week apart, I was in another social situation with my partner and their parents. We went to a local festival and caught some McDonald's afterward before going back to their place. We all drank and gave music suggestions to each other, and I managed to crack some jokes that were my actual brand of humor, and nobody seemed annoyed by it. Which was all incredibly validating for me, being someone with social anxiety.
So yeah, a lot more social situations than I'm used to, but they were all fun and exciting and a tad surreal as well.
(Image attached is of Andy Biersack from BVB that I took at the show; my 11-year-old self would be extremely satisfied knowing I got that close to my first celebrity crush. AND THAT SMILE—😭)

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Felt like checking up on everyone I follow so how are you doing Anything special
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Do you easily get nostalgic? Maybe share something you have nostalgia for? 🤩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I get nostalgia for everything. TV shows, music, video games, fashion, you name it! To sum it up into a concise list, here's just a few examples.
1. The first two games in the Saints Row franchise. It has almost everything to do with the music in-game, but the graphics do something to my heart too when I revisit it.
2. 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers or 'Paralyzer' by Finger Eleven. They both were common songs people would edit into their videos back in the early days of YouTube, and that's where I spent way too much of my childhood online.
3. Anything and everything related to the emo/scene subculture. Kandi jewelry, coontail hair extensions, Skelanimals tees... All of it just makes me feel really bubbly and happy without any reason or rhyme to it. Honestly, I might start making kandi bracelets again just to feel something.
4. I don't often get nostalgic toward movies, but Back To The Future. I remember when I was a kid, I thought Claudia Wells' character was so gorgeous that I even tried to dress like her for a while. I wanted her pink jacket so bad!
And I feel this is only natural to feel nostalgic over as well, but photos from my childhood/early teen years really stand out to me.
Here's a selfie from when I was 14 and wearing my friend's Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie. It was my favorite photo of myself for a long time, so it definitely triggers nostalgia in me whenever I look at it. Not to mention the Instagram filters thrown on it! 😭

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Do you easily get nostalgic Maybe share something you have nostalgia for
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If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
To be real with you, I'm not even 100% sure where my adventure into gaming really started.
I have vivid memories of playing XBOX 360 games my parents bought my brother from Burger King. And somewhere around that time, if not a little earlier, I would play video game adaptations of movies, like Narnia and Finding Nemo. But I didn't really play all that often, even though I enjoyed them all.
I started actively gaming when I got The Sims 2 for PC, but I guess when I really got into gaming for the sake of challenges and plot was when I first started playing Kingdom Hearts 2.
I got it solely because of its integration of Disney characters, but I got hooked to the rest of the game after a while. I remember being very confused though, because I didn't play the first game of the series beforehand and was essentially thrown into chaos within the first few minutes.
I'll never forget all of the frustration and tears spent during the Demyx battle in Hollow Bastion. I stopped and quit playing the game for about a year because I was so upset at myself. Which I find amusing now, since it was only on Beginner mode. 💀
But if I recall correctly, I think the exact moment I realized I was officially into the franchise was in the final act of the game when one of the characters I grew somewhat attached to decided to sacrifice himself.
11-year-old me was shook to my core from that whole experience 😂

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What was your last purchase which had you excited? 💵🤩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've noticed it's somewhat of a niche interest, but I'm a pretty huge fan of a Slender Man web-series named Marble Hornets. It started in 2009 and ended exactly 5 years later in 2014, which I got into it somewhere within those last few months and have loved it since.
In recent years, the creator of the series, Troy Wagner, has been creating a plethora of new merchandise related to it. And among that list of merch is a collection of plushies made in collaboration with Makeship.
I've bought all of them so far (3), and this guy's the most recent one in the lineup. It's kind of a big deal to me to get them all, considering not only my fan status, but also the fact that they're all limited time products.
So to make a long story short, I'm very excited to get this scraggly sociopath shipped out to me sometime in September (it's a pre-order)! 🥲

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What was your last purchase which had you excited
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What do you hate the most about social media?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
Most of it's just posturing and superficial concepts, trying to appear one way as opposed to another. Hardly anyone is truly authentic or sincere. And if they are, it's only a condensed form of themselves and not the full scope of who they are.
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What is a memory that never fails to make you happy when you look back on it? 😊💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It's such a small thing, but thinking about it gives me such positive nostalgia.
Many people would argue I was way too young to be playing a game like this, but while I was the entirety of just 8 years old, my brother used to let me play his copy of Saints Row 2.
I played it kind of half-assed and didn't do a ton of missions or anything, but I liked to put in cheats and customize my character and stuff like that. But my favorite thing was just driving around Stilwater, playing the different radio stations I liked—mostly The Mix and Generation X/Ultor FM. It was even better when it was raining and/or thundering in-game; a bit therapeutic for me, even.
It's actually kind of ridiculous how much that game shaped my music taste over the years. It's where I was introduced to P!ATD and The Used, and how I eventually grew to love 80's music.
So if I ever hear any of those songs somewhere, I immediately think back to where I first heard it, and grin like an idiot while singing along.
Actually did exactly that yesterday when I heard 'Down Under' by Men At Work in public, lol
Good times, man. 🥲
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGhSvT-H5-schasinqcomets’s Video 170811936052 pGhSvT-H5-schasinqcomets’s Video 170811936052 pGhSvT-H5-s

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chasinqcomets’s Video 170811936052 pGhSvT-H5-schasinqcomets’s Video 170811936052 pGhSvT-H5-s
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Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't remember most of my dreams, but some certainly stick out in my mind.
Like, I had one last week where my indoor cat decided to run outside. Since I live near a highway and understandably didn't want a splat cat, I ran to catch him.
By the time I stepped outside, I noticed he was in play mode in the backyard, preparing to pounce at something. I followed his line of sight, and there was a damn mountain lion staring at him from my neighbor's yard!
TLDR: I fought a mountain lion in a dream to save my cat, and presumably survived.
And seeing as I think I'd be the person to genuinely risk that in real life, I consider it very telling of who I am as a person—pure of heart, dumb of ass.
Pic attached is of the loser I had to rescue. 🤦‍♀️ His name is PJ, and he loves chewing on shower curtains and chasing his own shadow.

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Do you tend to remember your dreams Maybe give an example of one youve had
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What's your favorite old school gaming console?

The oldest I've ever had and got to enjoy was the Nintendo 64, but the most nostalgic for me is the Game Boy Advance SP.
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What's a bad nightmare you've had?

I don't think I'll ever forget one I had when I was like, 14-15. Big Silent Hill vibes with this one.
I ran away from home. Went as far as my legs would carry me out of town, without any destination in mind.
This eventually led me into the countryside past some train tracks. There was nothing around for miles, except for a house over the horizon.
As I got closer, I realized it was my parents' house, but different.
Ours had siding, but this building had solid red brick and rusted gutters. A decrepit barn with a chicken coop was in the backyard.
Against my better judgement, I knocked on the nearest door, which was a side entrance. I was soon greeted by an elderly woman and her husband.
(Let's call them Scarlet and Harold respectively, because I can't remember what they said.)
When they noticed my bag full of belongings, they invited me to stay the night since it was starting to get dark. I stepped inside (because dream logic) and set down my things at the door.
Scarlet said she was in the middle of cooking dinner, if I'd like to join them. I nodded and agreed, and she stepped into the next room, which was the kitchen. Just like how my parents' place was mapped out.
This made me decide it was best to learn the layout of the house.
As I suspected, the inside, much like the outside, was nearly identical to my home. Just with different aesthetic choices, like darker cabinets and burgundy wallpaper in the kitchen.
Strangely, as I discovered the living room at the front of the house, there wasn't a door where there should've been one. I pivoted to return to the kitchen, startled to find Harold in front of me.
I apologized and tried to step around him, but he shifted and blocked my path. I turned to move the other way, and he blocked again.
Decently spry for a man who looked like he was in his seventies.
"Cheyenne, you're finally home..."
I ducked under his arm as he reached for a hug. I shot forward, heart racing with confusion and newfound panic.
As I sped through the halls, I noticed the picture frames on the walls begin to warp and distort. Photos of Scarlet and Harold dissolved into pictures of my family and I.
Understandably frightened, I legged it to the kitchen, ready to find the side door I entered through. Before I could make it, I froze in the doorway.
Scarlet was seated at the table, chopping some produce on a wooden cutting board, and... staring, at nothing in particular. Gazing emptily, lost in the space around her.
I looked down, and choked back a scream.
She was blindly cutting into her own fingers—clean through. Without so much as a wince.
I darted for the door, horrified to find the knob was missing. The only thing left was the deadbolt lock. I thumbed it in the opposite direction, and the door miraculously popped open.
I grabbed my bag and ran, all the way down the street.
When I paused to catch my breath, I forced a glance over my shoulder.
The house had vanished.

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Whats a bad nightmare youve had
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