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What is your least favorite aspect of making art/writing?

Sorry for the late reply!
Oh my...
Lineart...It is also what it takes more to do. I like to sketch, I like to paint but lineart is sometimes a punishment XD
Editing. I tend to leave a bunch of things that I consider difficult for later or things that I don't feel like writing at that moment because I think I lack the sensibility and patience to make that scene better.
In general and imo my writing is very poor. I try to think out of the box but sometimes I warm too much to characters and end up doing joke scripts or not being as harsh as I was planning. Also, when I edit and I find a contradiction it takes a while for me to think for something to fit the whole script XD.
In general writing is hard and I don't believe I'm suited for it but I'm stubborn and I'm too fond of my shitty stories, so I will have to endure this second punishment too.

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how are your games coming along?

:A:..Well right now they are on halt since my tablet was broken(But my brother repaired it!) I am doing commissions to buy a new one just in case this one breaks(Again)
This is my plan for this year:
*Nanoreno! I'm looking forward to join! As I said on my blog, I was going to do cannibal nuns(Named "A dandy meal", now with the name of "Baptism of the flesh") You can read a bit of it here(That was my initial idea, I changed a bunch of things there)
The issue was that, as I was doing some planning, I realize it was going to be longer to be finished in a month. I'm not fond of second parts! Now I'm aiming to do this instead:
To me, this project looks more fitting for one month lapse! But honestly you never know :A:..!
* Space comedy...? I've been really eager to work on this project for years. Supposedly I was planning to throw a little visual novel with hidden object game in Halloween 2013 I believe but it never happened. It features the adventures of an almost 2-meter green haired alien(Orion) and a little third worlder girl(Gloria)...Doesn't have a name...YET! You can see some sketches here:
Regarding my other projects:
*The hurtful wall and _Salomon: I'm blocked with both of these, and it's probably for the best to leave them standby until I can get better ideas.
*Charlatans: I'm still writing the extras! Currently, the script has double its size which I was debating myself if I should update the game with one extra at a time XD! Virgil's extra(Which is the longer one until now) Is almost all written! You can read a mini update here:
Just to finish this long answer(Sorry!) Please have in mind that I work alone(Except when it comes to proofreading. I always seek help for that) And I work on my games in my free time. I know it looks like I'm taking a life but hopefully, one game per year is what I can at least do(Yeah, my kind of games which are very short haha!)

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If you had to dye your hair and keep the color for the next five years, what color would you choose?

I would love to have the guts to dye my hair green buuutttt there happen to be a well know person in my country that got his hair green, and sadly, he is insane. So anyone who dyes their hair green will be doomed to be mocked forever.

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