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What tattoos do you have?

A red heart with a infinity sign on my right ankle, birds and a feather with “Family is my strength”. And two big roses and leaves on my upper right arm. ( In that order)

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yes, most women believe that an ugly or thin or short man is not good for her. do you know what these men are going through, they are going through something like torture. they experience things such as feeling inadequate, feeling worthless, blaming themselves, drowning in hatred and anger

That’s your opinion. Most woman do not feel or think that at all. You’d be surprised. It’s mostly about the man’s personality and how they test us. Woman and men both go through a lot

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you and your friend find a 1-inch-tall man in the woods who has escaped from the lab. and your friend says he'll give you $50 to eat it, what would you do?

You already asked this. I said no and then you said it would be murder. I said exactly

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Out of curiosity, in heterosexual relationships. Why do girls always assume they are the mature ones and the guys are the immature and childish pricks? Justify!🙄

First off stop making assumptions. Every relationship is different based off how each person is.


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