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Who is your coach and you learn skating at Jcube?

Yup, I take lessons with coach Raymond at Jcube. He used to teach at kallang and I've been with him since then. :)

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who's up for bkk in feb?!

anytime baybeh. nah jk feb's good, my bank account needs some recovery time.

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How much is your skating lessons per month?

Depends on the month. 30mins costs $64.20. I also pay $135 for a 3 month unlimited skating pass. Otherwise you have to pay an extra $14 for entry during your lesson time slot.

Some months I have 30mins lessons weekly, so that's about 4-5 lessons a month. Some months I have fewer lessons. This month I've only 1 lesson. I guess how many lessons I take really depends on how much time I have to practice in between and what I am working on. If I know what I am doing and can practice on my own, then I cut down on the lessons because $$ is an issue. ;)

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What are you busy with now? Skating? School? And?

Well, mostly school because I've loads of projects and assignments due and tests too. Uni sucks. And also skating, yoga, piano. I pretty much have no life outside of these things. Hahaha.

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Where did you do your internship?

I don't know who you are though so... at a company in the finance/banking industry. :)
And hi, I didn't know I still have questions on here.

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Which days do you skate at jcube?:)

Idk actually. No definite day/time. I skated last fri. And this week, prob tues, thu, fri? Depends on my schedule! I usually avoid weekends unless my friends ask me.

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Which country will win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil?

CROATIA!!!!! Nah just kidding... I don't think they will win but that said, I support Croatia!!! Team Hrvatska let's goooo :) really proud of them. It was a good opening match last night although they didn't win. :)

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When you go to a movie, do you like to sit in the back, middle, or front?

You mean not everyone sits in the back?

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Really friendly and nice! Cos I'm shy and I don't usually take the initiative to talk to people at the rink... so yup. Hahaha.

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oh isnt the unlimited pass 3 months? will you be skating at jcube in june?

Yup 3 months!! But I can only start in July. I'm on my internship till June so I can only skate like weekends or weekday nights. Haha I'll be practicing at kallang for now! I think you'll see me at jcube a lot from July onwards :D hahaha.

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how long have you been with your boyfriend? is his deutsch good? :p

Vierundzwanzig Monate. Ja, ich glaube. Nicht schlecht. :D

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okay i'll try to say hi :) what days will you be skating/what time?

I'm at kallang every sat and sun. I usually skate wed/thu nights.. sometimes at Jcube but it depends on my schedule. Super busy cos I'm working now... :( Ohhhh I have a lesson next tue night 20 May at Jcube! Hehehe. In July I'll be skating everyday at Jcube cos I wanna get the unlimited pass. HAHA.

Okay I should probably be more friendly and say hi to some of the Jcube skaters too :( BUT IM SCARED HAHA.

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SUP it's monday tmrw omg can I have another weekend to be bored pls.

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im usually scared to talk to new people because one i said hi to someone and they gave me the death glare? TRAUMATISED ):

I'm gonna give you the death glare if you don't say hi HAHAHA. No, no I'm kidding. But people say I look really fierce when I'm skating. :( I swear I'm not. It's just how I look when I don't smile okay. And if I don't have any friends, I can't be smiling at nothing. :(

Anyway omg, I'm scared to talk to the people at Jcube because everyone already knows each other and I feel like everyone is judging me so... giving death glares at everyone. :P

I'm @cheryllsf on instagram so you can talk to meeee off anon hehe. I've gotten to know quite a few skaters through insta :)

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the Wise man :)

Ahahaha ok that explains it. HI.

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yep im doing figure 2 now :) oh ok i understand now. thanks :)

Ooh okay no problem :) say hi and skate with me if you see me at Jcube! I don't have any friends when I skate there. HAHAHA.

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I don't know. :(

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yup i take lessons but what im learning is different from what youre learning (?)

Ooh what are you learning? Do you take lessons at Jcube? If you do, they use their own syllabus for the group LTS figure classes. I think group LTS figure is the same as freestyle 1-2.
Haha basically it's all the same thing. It's just that different coaches have different styles so they may teach other stuff first etc.

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Wait, wise? Did you mean me? HAHAHA. Who is this!

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why dont you follow syllabus? whats the difference bewteen freestyle and figure

Usually, skaters have to take a test for every level but in Singapore, we don't have that. So there isn't a need to work on stuff level by level. My coach will teach me stuff whenever I'm ready to learn something new. :)

Oh I didn't mean freestyle skating. It's just that in SG we learn figure skating using the ISI syllabus (link above) and there are different levels - beginner (pre-alpha to delta) and freestyle (1-10). So yup I'd be in freestyle 2-3 I guess.

Do you skate/take lessons? :O

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what level are you in?

I still suck haha but slowly getting there! I guess I'm ISI Freestyle 2-3? Idk, I'm working on my single salchow for jumps, one foot/scratch spin for spins and backward three turns for footwork. These are like FS2-4 stuff. We don't really follow the syllabus.

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do you take lessons at kallang/jcube?

I've been taking lessons at kallang for more than half a year but my coach just moved to Jcube so I'll be starting lessons at Jcube this month. :) having my first lesson this week actually, I'M SUPER EXCITED HAHAH.

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cherylll will you be there on sat? :p


I think so!! I have SISA in the morning so I'll be there early... maybe 11am ish after my dental! :)

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How often do you skate with your coach? Do you practice much without him? You're such an inspiration! ♥

Haha thank you. :) I have 30mins with my coach every week and skate at least twice a week. I have work Mondays to Fridays 9am to 7pm and spend Saturday and Sunday at the rink hahaha. I'm crazy that way.

Anyway, I'm working harder right now because I really want to land single jumps and get to proper scratch/sit spins.. so I've skated 3-5 times a week this month hahahaha.

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Why are you so good at spinning???

Karen Tejuco

Haha thank you but... I wish I were! Keep practicinggggg :)

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