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Hey Chest, what is your film cartoon favorit?

This is NOT Chester.

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What's your favorite song from Recharged?

A Light That Never Comes.

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If you take a look at LP's facebook page (you probably already have) then you'll see a lot of negativity towards their departure from the sound of HT and Meteora. What do you have to say to those people who basically go around yelling "We want old LP!" or something like that?

I'd say "Go listen to Hybrid Theory then."
It bothers me they're always demanding them to go back to their beginning when there's a gap of 13 years between Hybrid Theory and Living Things. They've grown, they're more mature, they like different things and all of that shows on their music. People will never be happy with a band. If they had stayed with Hybrid Theory's sound, people would be complaining of how they never changed or that they're bored of the same thing. Didn't people complain at first that Meteora sounded pretty similar to Hybrid Theory? People just like to complain.

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Fredo Gómez
Me too ;)

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How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?

With family and friends :)

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I think you suspended your account a while back, and I'm glad to see you back. If you didn't ignore this. Q - You once said that your favorite album is Meteora. Do you have a least favorite? And I don't mean one that you hate, just one that you like the least compared to all others.

Sometimes life gets on my way and I get lost, but here I am no :) and yes, Meteora is my favorite. My least favorite would probably be Living Things. I don't dislike it, but I didn't feel the usual connection I have with their albums. But I still like it anyway.

View more This is my draw about me& u like it?? I love Chazzy more than my own life <3 *-*

it's a sweet drawing :)

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Do you know when are Linkin Park going to reveal the concert dates at Spain?

Sara FL
No, I'm sorry. Tour dates can be checked on their official site here:

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Did you wish something for Christmas??

To see Linkin Park live again ;)

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how long have you been a fan of lp?

I've been a fan for almost 13 years :)

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do you have twitter page?



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What are you listening to right now?

so are you really Chester,think not

No, we're not @ChesterBe, we're just a fan site dedicated to him and his career.

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how're you dude?

Celebrating Hybrid Theory with high volume, how are you? :)

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What scares you more than anything else?

A world without @linkinpark

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What is your favorite song sung by chazzy?

I have too many favorite songs, but Let Down and Fire are very special to me :)

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What can you do to make this world a better place?

Visit and follow their advices.

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do you answer all questions or just the ones you want?

All questions. I just don't answer comments.

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What was your first impression of A Tnousand Suns album? For me it was 'this is so damn creepy' :D

It wasn't love at first listen, but now I'm truly in love with that album.

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do you know why chester disabled his ask account? :(

He doesn't have one and never had one. Those are fans pretending to be Chester. He only have his Twitter account.

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i didnt know that!! thanks so much thats awesome haha aw chestah you cuchie <3

Glad I found something interesting :) you're very welcome!.

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tell us something interesting you know about chester that we might not know!!

Oh wow, I really don't know anything more than what is out there. A random thing at the top of my head would be that he likes to cook and thinks cooking with love is the best ingredient.

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