Perks of dating you😍

I will always love you.
No one will steal me away, because I'm socially awkward and not attractive. Lucky you.
I'll actually respond to your text.
You can literally kiss me whenever you want (especially random neck kisses like yes please)
We can hold hands.
I'll play with your hair.
You don't have to worry about me liking other people because I'm annoyed by almost everyone.
I don't really have friends so I'll have a lot of time for you.
I can't cook but Ik how to order pizza really well.
Ik how to cuddle.
Sometimes I'm funny.
You don't have to worry about losing me because no on wants me.
I don't go anywhere , so we can always hang.
I won't cheat on you.
I won't stop talking to you.
I won't leave you for anyone else.
I won't do that hurts you.
I will kiss you whenever you're sad.
I will stand by your side.
I don't need expensive things, just want you and food.
I w'll get jealous when you're talking to other girls, but won' say a word.
I chose you & that means I only want you, no one else.

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