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Imitate your parents 🙊 ?

My parents!
Me - Papa change the channel! 101 Star Plus!!
Dad - Haan din bhar toh main baitha rhta hu tv ke samne! nai?
Me - Offo! papa change kro nah! natak na kro aap zyada. aaj shivaay ki shadi hone wali h.
Dad - Haan? per invitation card toh aaya hi nai!?
Me - Mumma dekho inko? maaa? maiyaaaa?
Mom - Kya kru unko dekh ke roz dekh ti hu.
Me - Bolo nah inhe?
Mom - Kya bolu din bhar tv nhi toh computer mein ghusi rhti h. Hey bhagwan barbaad kr rkha yeh tv, computer ne toh mere bacho ko. Mera bss chale toh pack kr ke rakh du.
This is how we talk everyday! No we don't talk everyday. We talk rarely. Actually we fight everyday!

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aditeelicioux ❤️❤️❤️
If you have been on the receiving end of a breakup and have a broken heart, I have a message for you from my own experience: You are only really in a battle with yourself. You are more frustrated with the fact that you allowed yourself to be treated that way: upset with letting yourself go, losing who you are, and sacrificing so much. But I applaud you for your courage to wear your heart on your sleeve; it's the only way to truly experience love. The challenge is within you, not against the other. The mission is to regain your own trust, get yourself back, and rebuild the beautiful relationship you once had with yourself. And it will happen! All the best on your journey to find a even higher plane of being, a deeper fulfillment, and a better understanding of yourself.

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