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The 18+ game you were talking about...can you hint at the concept for it?

To remain somewhat vague, it's a Cyberpunk mystery.

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Will you ever consider making a 18+ game in the future?

I definitely want to make one eventually! I already have the concept for it but for now I'm going to focus on the projects I'm working on atm haha

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Will there be more mature scenes (like 18+) in RD?

Nah, it's a 15+ game solely for language (though funnily enough I just finished writing a scene where the characters talk about the age rating)

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What are you planning to do once you're out of college? I once heard you mentioned that you were in law class or something like that on your blog. Are you studying to become a lawyer or something like that? I was wondering if you got a job, would you still be able to find time for making games?

So I'm graduating in a semester and I still don't really know what I want to do with my life (it seems like most people around me don't, either.) The law class I was taking was actually Communications law, because I'm majoring in journalism ^^"

I do know that I want to write for a living, so we'll see what happens. When it comes to making games, I don't have any intentions of stopping. I've already planned my future releases up to the next year, and from then on I think the only thing that will determine the scale of my games is the reception I get since then. I always manage to find time to work on personal projects, no matter how busy I get (though I may have to outsource script coding eventually because that takes me 2x the time actually writing the script does lol)

Thanks for the question :>

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Would it be a spoiler if you told me what kind of character is Elliot?

I can't say much, but I will say that he's a very unconventional twist on the narcissistic jock character ;D

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When will you start writing Elliot's route?


As of now the order of writing is Leo -> Case -> Elliot. Saving the best for last?

Time-wise I'm guessing it'll be around late January/Early February when I'll start writing Elliot's.

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