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Do you consider light novels literature?

KaiPercival’s Profile PhotoKai
While I don't really read light novels, I don't see why they won't be considered as such, although a good amount of them are idealistic.

I forgot. Do you play VNs? If so, which are your favs? If not then answer this question instead: What is your fav game genre besides JRPGs?

YuriAmbassador’s Profile PhotoOG-Man
Yes I do, but mostly visual novels from Key. So far, probably Clannad is my favorite

Alrighty. Let's have some fun. What do you go through when picking anime you want to watch every season?

YuriAmbassador’s Profile PhotoOG-Man
I read other people previews sometimes and of course, pick the sequels and shows from certain studios first.

Are you watching anything besides GochiUsa and Hidan no Aria this Fall?

As they say, nothing in my preview post is set in stone and there is a high possibility that I will pick up one or two more shows.

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