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Do you consider light novels literature?

KaiPercival’s Profile PhotoKai
While I don't really read light novels, I don't see why they won't be considered as such, although a good amount of them are idealistic.
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I forgot. Do you play VNs? If so, which are your favs? If not then answer this question instead: What is your fav game genre besides JRPGs?

YuriAmbassador’s Profile PhotoOG-Man
Yes I do, but mostly visual novels from Key. So far, probably Clannad is my favorite
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Alrighty. Let's have some fun. What do you go through when picking anime you want to watch every season?

YuriAmbassador’s Profile PhotoOG-Man
I read other people previews sometimes and of course, pick the sequels and shows from certain studios first.
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Are you watching anything besides GochiUsa and Hidan no Aria this Fall?

As they say, nothing in my preview post is set in stone and there is a high possibility that I will pick up one or two more shows.
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