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hi, i'm a new fan so idk much about exo's history but i have a question about b's mentholatum 'scandal'. i tried to google it and i found that it's abt one of his predebut videos but what exactly is scandalous abt it? is this some kind of drug or smth?

It's not even a scandal.. if I'm not mistaken it's about a video where a group of stupid teens (including baekhyun) played with mentholatum and put it close (or in) their eyes and made a competition out of it. Guess you could compare it to the cinnamon challenge, young people doing stupid things that can actually be harmful lol nothing serious. Ofc antis came up saying they were doing it to get high hahah
I could be mistaken and maybe you're talking about something else but anyway, don't mind those kind of rumors and stories, if you're new then welcome! But you'll hear dumb stuff like that on a daily basis. Just ignore it~

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what if I love chenbaek I don't really like...passionately ship em i just like them tgt lol when you said we can still talk do u mean ur tlist or everyone because of the shipping thing? >o</

We can talk no matter who you are or who/what you like.. haha and the shipper thing is just because I like Bstans that are focused on B and not the ships, since sadly some get into it too much and it usually doesn't end up favoring Baekhyun and it bothers me, so I said that just to avoid that situation.. Doesn't mean I care that you enjoy interactions between two members lmao I love Kaibaek myself!
Also if it's just to talk and don't want to reveal who you are we can do it here, obviously.. whatever you prefer - w-

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are you ready for baek's movie??? are you ready for his domination!!!

domination.. hahah I'M READY!!! So exciting ;; first acting role and it's with really good actors.. i'm glad all of exo are getting all these interesting but small roles rather than boring and main ones. I hope black haired baek comes back! It's going to be so much fun for Baekhyun and obviously for us, so I'm anticipating a lot~

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what are your thoughts of b's acting skills, do you think he can give justice to the dokgo character as a newbie? and can you rate his potential as a future actor in dramas? people are saying he's so bad at it

??? who's saying he's bad? he's not bad, he's just not trained at all. I think he has potential if he were to take it seriously but I don't think he will for now, so I'm glad he's starting with small roles.
Do I think he's a prodigy? No. Do I think he should get a main role? No. Should he try and see if he likes it and maybe spend some effort into improving? Absolutely.
There are exo members waaaaay more cringe worthy. Just like Sehun or Minseok, Baekhyun doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to acting, but if they were to pursue that path they could probably become decent.
I think the dokgo role suits him really well and it's not a main character but it's very interesting, so I really hope he takes it and gives his best like he always does.
People judging already need to back off. You know how things work when it comes to Baekhyun, his talents and people's "opinions". Don't give them too much attention, it's not worth it.

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