Ask @chloebaughman02:

Tbh. Idk you but you are so so pretty

thank youu

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pap of your feet shoes or socks rn

ahhhhh fuck you

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I'll be your friend and I'll help you

Can I shrink down to 3 inches tall and become your personal foot massager/give you pedicures/paint your toenails/clean your feet?

if you were three inches tall i would step on you so you no would have to deal with your foot fetish

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do you know what you need

serious help and friends

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Snap likers a tbh?

if it gets any like lol sure

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last time u got jealous or mad

this weekend

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did u sleep with anyone last night?

i slept beside someone

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# of followers??


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What's the most physically painful game you've ever played with your friends

u know what I would do if we were dating

ik what i would do

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wanna play truth or dare

gage martin dobson
wanna watch me delete ask

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Then why are you still dating

it was sarcasm bitch

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Do you even like gage anymore

no i hate him

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Your beautiful just the way you are


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NYE plans?


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fav type of music


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finish the song:i hate you i_____________________

wish you would drink bleach

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what do you want in a dream guy

what's your fav thing you got for christmas?


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You need to stop treating Gage like crap.. Its ridiculous and everyone can see it

how do i exactly? you need to fuck off out of my business hoe.

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currently very annoyed

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