Ask @chloelovegood:

How to know if you are a good person?

Don't you think there's a faulty with the notion that "if you are truly good, you won't say that you are good"? I mean, if I honestly think I am a good person, then I must have behaved in accordance with what I believe constitutes a good person. Sure, what I believe to be good may be up for debate, but otherwise, I am in compliance with my own standards, so I am, in fact, personally, a good person?

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Actually. what theory do you want to stress in the society that all problems can be solved by human? I think the theory is like a fondation of general knowledge. How do you determine that the theory is important or not ? Thanks.

The concept of problems as we know it is created by humans. We ourselves are also the ones who create these problems. That doesn't mean they can solve them all tho, because honestly, I don't think humans care enough to do so.

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Jika kamu bisa memilih bakat khusus, bakat apa yang akan kamu pilih?

I want to be able to strip human naked (not their clothes - though I wouldn't mind it if we live in a society where our bodies are not sexualized), and see themselves for who they are. I want them to be able to see through their hypocrisy and feel the need to strive for the better. Does that make any sense?

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Tuing! Pada masih main askfm ga sih😂 Passing-thought question yak: Mending ditinggalin dengan seribu alasan atau ditinggalin tanpa alasan?

Yo! This was 7 months ago 😂
If it's literally 1000 alasan dan bukan "1000 alasan" yang gak jelas for the sake of having alasan, then definitely 1000 alasan > no alasan. I cannot handle being in the unknown. But if it's the latter, then shut up and leave. Gak usah bacot.

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heyy may i know u

What's with you all claiming that you want to "know" people, but you ain't even providing me with a tangible identity?! Either you are anonymous/fake/obscure like...???
The right way to "get to know" someone is by initiating the convo and being clear about your intention. You are the one interested in that other person, not the other way around, so you should be the one who works harder (in terms of starting the convo and keeping the convo flow right). Remember to always approach with sincerity, certainly never in a creepy way.
If you are lucky, new friend! If you are not, there's no harm in trying. At least, kamu di-notice. Good luck.

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kenapa gk mau apply abroad ci

Oh, aku mau kok. I did apply to two Australian universities (aku baru nyadar 3 sih, tapi 1 tak jelas, so let's consider that nullified). Aku kemarin baru officially withdraw application-ku.
Alasannya simply karena studying in Australia (or anywhere aboard with good universities) will cost a fortune dan aku gak sampe hati kalau sebagian besar hasil kerja keras kedua orang tuaku selama ini harus dikorbankan untuk kuliah aku hanya karena aku berangan-angan kuliah di luar negeri.
Iya, aku bisa apply buat scholarship, tapi Australia pelit banget kalau udah sama yang namanya ngasih beasiswa. The amount of the scholarship awarded is not that small, but it's disproportionate compared to the whole tuition fee.
Iya, aku bisa part-time, tapi itu pun bisa nge-cover sebagian dari living cost doang.
Akhirnya ya aku memilih buat kuliah di Indonesia aja. Toh, universitas di Indonesia banyak juga yang berkualitas.

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