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What's your thought on sexual assault? What should be the most suitable punishment for sexual assaulter?

It is wrong.
You see, I believe in consent. When somebody does something to you without your consent, that's just wrong.
And you know what else? Those stupid rapists who claim that we are "asking for it" and /insert other common remarks made popular by rapists who only say them to save their sorry ass/.

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Pap puberty

I love the pic on the left.
"You got my back, bro?"
"Always, sis. Always,"
Ofc, the convo didn't take place, cuma berimajinasi aja.
Alay sih, but kesannya solid gimana gitu :')
(And notice those shoes I was wearing? Itu Dora lho, I was a fan hahaha).

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How your sbmptn

Well, I got into UNAIR(!!!)
Crazy grateful because I thought I wouldn't pass. Also, veeeeery excited because... Surabaya! Who would've thought? I have never been there😆
P.S. If anyone happens to know anyone who is/was an UNAIR student OR if you happen to have boarding houses/apartments recommendations near the university, please contact me? Thank you!

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What are your biggest fears?

To see someone I truly care about break. Too much. Way too much.
To fall in love with someone.
And then to not be able to love that someone wholly and sincerely because of that same fear. (This is so contradicting, but that's just how it is.)
To be stupid.
To fear sth. Yes, fear of fear. I want to be one of those people who aren't scared of anything. (They probably do not exist.)
To feel emotions. I feel like they are stupid. Ironically, I'm an extremely empathic person. Oh, how I wish I could be emotionless and not be affected by emotions at all.
Again, I cannot stress how much people's emotions affect me. Funny how I'm afraid of being emotional yet I can't help but get emotional when certain people are emotional. And what I mean by "emotional" is the kinds that are negative.

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kemana aja kau udah pernah di sumut wat? atau cuma di medan aja?

I should not even bother to answer this but FYI, 'kau' is a plain rude address, even to a Medanese. You might think, "Oh, you know, people call people 'kau' all the time there in Medan," just because- stereotypical Medanese/Bataknese. No. Some people just do not understand that it is extremely offensive. Sure, it is totally fine if it is between close friends or people with such norm around their areas (mainly in markets between the sellers), but NOT when you are an anonymous stranger right here on the net. I personally find it condescending when my own parents address other people with that. I would even scold my friends if they did that, too. And you here, who are you? I am not okay with how you address me. Please, do not go around addressing people like that. Even behind anonymity, show some etiquette. Thank you.

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What do you feel about ELDS and your fellow comrades in it?

ELDS helps me shape who I am rn. No kidding.

Here's a little story: I was once a close-minded girl, with no interest in world issues, someone who used to think that what the majority of the society believes in is what is right.

Joining ELDS, it opens my eyes, I get to perceive things in a completely different perspective, it gives me a chance to express myself bc most importantly it shows me that it's okay to believe in things most ppl regard as "wrong", it changes my way of seeing the world, and I'm glad I joined ELDS. It also leads me to be more involved and interested in a discussion and news across the globe. So yes, I acquire lots of new stuff along the... membership(?)

Moreover, meeting new people! This excites me as I love meeting new people and discovering interesting people. New friends = blessing, especially when you meet those who you could actually click with, damn, thank ELDS.


I sound as if I'm paid to endorse ELDS.

[Chokry, Jovan, I should charge you guys]

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apa yg menarik dari kotamu?

Jujur, aku gak sebegitu bangganya sama monumen-monumen yang terpampang di brosur-brosur yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan angka turisme Medan(?) Yang bikin aku bangga itu makanan Medan. Mainstream sih jawabannya, tapi sumpah, MAKANAN MEDAN ENAK-ENAK WOY. Kalau mau meningkatkan angka pariwisata kota, beneran deh, pake tuh foto-foto makanan, pada berbondong-bondong tuh turis.
Source: Google.

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Who are your favourite persons in ELDS?

I don't have "favourite"(s) as you put it. I do like hanging out with some of them but that's it.

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Impersonate Jovanovick!

Profanities. Lots of them. The most common one is: "Emai, chxkku lho ya,"
"Jovan is sadddd," with his sickening fake-sad expression.
"Eh, khi be ciak yok,"
"Lu cai hamiksu (insert a good situation) bo? Karena u wa, i khua than wa yentau,"
"So basically..."
*typical hand gestures*
*touches the side of his head while talking*
*adjusts his eyes(?)* Like pulling his under-eye skin and does sth to the corner of his eyes (what)
*perfect Scream ghost face after hearing sth shocking*
*says sth that annoys people and then looks somewhere else as if suddenly interested in the ceiling/sky/surrounding areas when stared back by the said annoyed person*

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Describe and impersonate se Davi

Gosh siapa lg ini =)) Nanti ketahuan gurunya mati wkwk tapi ok deh hanya buat kamu ;;)
*casually enters our classroom*
*hunches back* .-.
*takes out textbook/handbook and shows it around the class as if he's paid to advertise it* #omgsorrybutitstrue
"Rina this Rina that Rina bla3x"
"Rest for half minute!" #phpBANGET
*walks around the class*
*tetap senyum walaupun dibully* #baikbanget
*spells and pronounces words out as if we're kindergarteners.-.*

That's all lol, sorry Sir! But tell you what, he's a great teacher, and he's like super smart so yeahhh hahah ;)

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Describe and impersonate agus susanto =>>

Oh my God who is this ngakakkk lol!
Here's it, let's just hope he doesn't know this or he'll kill me:
*walks along the corridor confidently*
*puts his hands into his pockets*
*opens up his laptop*
*receiving phone calls*
*asks @jaswinovsky (and the whole class) to explain stuff*
"Kerjakan *insert a big amount of questions*, hanya *number of questions* saja"
*cracks jokes* *and sometimes ppl fake-laugh* #sorry
Err that's all I don't really pay lots of attention to him .-.

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tell me what are the attraction of jovan mike hubert

Mereka bukan tourist destination, lho. Atau amusement park. Atau show Kabaret gitu yg ada attraction-nya :')

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Cici carmen sedang jatuh cinta yah?

Yeah right.

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Had i been drunk, would you 1. Ask me questions to quench ur curiosity (possibly disclosing my darkest secrets) 2. Give no flying fuck 3. Keep me safe from other persons who might take advantage of me. 4. And why? Be honest haha

Jovanovick Luidaniel

I would definitely ask you questions, pretty standard, like, "Are you alright?" and stuff to ensure that you ARE indeed alright, not feeling sick or something.
Truthfully, I would be tempted to ask you some questions I have always had at the back of my mind but never have the guts to ask you (not the dark secrets, mind you, I believe you have your own reasons to keep your secrets - secrets), but believe me, I would contemplate over "doing it or not" for so long that I decide that it's not the right thing to do. Yay, Carmen's indecisiveness saves the day.
I would undoubtedly try to "keep you safe". That's what friends are for (and I expect you to do the same). If I had my own car and was allowed to drive on my own, I would take you home right away. If that was not possible, I would try with all my might to get you home because nowhere else seems safe.

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hi ci carmen hows your leg?

Umm, I can walk, thank God.
But stairs and toilet task (or any activities that require me to bend my legs) are horrendous.

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Mention your friend(s) who : 1. Laughs hysterically | 2. Swears a lot | 3. Eats like a pig | 4. Thinks critically | 5. You care for | 6. Cares for you | 7. You'd fart together with | 8. You'd hangout 24 hours with | 9. You'd murder a person with | 10. You consider as an adopted sister or brother

1. Catherine, with her very own seal-clap.
2. Jovan/Scor/Jaswin. Can't decide bc all are as bad.
3. Kelly. She eats so much I wonder if she was born with different stomach.
4. Jovan the debate guy.
5. Each and every one of them lol
6. Each and every one of them ;)
7. Jovan, bc he was the first person to have the honor to hear me fart (apart from my family ofc).
8. Any of my close friends and of course, the ELDS peeps.
9. Probably Scor. He watches lots of movies, bet he's good in hiding the body.
10. To be very honest, I actually consider all my close friends as my beloved sons and daughters, no kidding.

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Ci describe ko jova dung

Isn't that like animals' crap?
Jovanovick Luidaniel.
Firstly, I won't write anything regarding his debating skills (we all know he's a natural and that's that) bc then he'll comment on how every time someone is asked to describe him, it always has sth to do with debate thingy (this is a part of the description as he feels like there is nothing to be proud of from his debating skills, I know right, such bull crap.)
We are talking about a guy who is not that tall, has dark skin, owns unruly hair and yet still manages to have people fangirl/fanboy over him.
A voice that melts even the coldest hearts, an accent anyone would swoon over, his interesting way of thinking. These are part of the reasons why.
Now, randomly: He is smart (AND lazy at the same time). He is very sensitive in terms of social gestures(?) He'll appreciate even a small "thank you" or "sorry". He loves his sister so much. He doesn't notice this, but he complains about people, a lot. He is subconsciously emotional and sentimental. Might not get married/have children. CLAIMS to be awesome. Eats lots of kerupuk/gorengan when he knows perfectly well how harmful it is to his already harmed throat:') A little brother in our circle of friends. Acts like one (which is sometimes cute, and sometimes annoying especially when he gets childish). Is a bank. Proud of his little bro down there. Expect lots of profanities and sexual jokes from him. Is probably the only guy I could really connect/click with.
Wait, this is too long.
This is not fair for OP :')
Jovan, keep in mind that you're not special, I'm just bored.

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A selfie please>.< hahahaha.. Ohhh.. U are so modest.. That's why we as your fans are so into you... Hahahah.. Have a great day y Gorgeous :)

Christian King Kowandy

To my one and only fan, Christ. Have an awesome day!

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Our queen @skeletale goes to UNAIR

I first knew UNAIR from her, and when I saw UNAIR while I was looking for an esteemed public university with an accredited Communication Studies major, I decided to consider it as one my top three choices for PTN.
This was meant to happen okay. I am looking forward to bumping into @skeletale somewhere in Surabaya and clicking together instantly and we'll be BFFs and run the world together.
A girl can dream, alright.

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Do you have feeling with anyone by now?

I do. It's sad, but I do.

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desc your mom and your dad :)

Jgn suruh aku describe kalau kamu gak niat lgsg ketemu sama calon mertuamu dan minta restu mereka (?!)

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boyfriend or bestfriend?

In what context?
Taking sides - which is generally "bros before hoes" or "sisters before misters" - just because it is in the social code, should not be applied in every situation.
Choose the one doing the right thing. Screw feelings. Be logical. End of discussion :)

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share a story when u really needed to pee and the relief you felt you finally got to

Jovanovick Luidaniel, is this you?
I remember holding my pee for about two hours when I was on my way to UI for the ALSA's closing ceremony. Guess two hours are nothing for Jakarta people who are used to traffic jam, but since I'm not one, it was a torture.
I was in the car with the others, we were a little bit late, and as expected, Jakarta's traffic jam welcomed us with open arms. So everyone was complaining about the traffic jam, obviously. And there I was, searching for ways to hold my pee /better/. I literally googled that, and I read some of them out loud in the car:
1. Try not to think of running water (waterfalls, tap water, etc.)
Jovan, who clearly knew I was trying hard to hold my bladder from bursting, entertained me with his diverse vocabs of flowy(?) things. Which were all of those mentioned previously.
2. Think about sexual stuff (HAHA)
So I unleashed my inner beast (in my head, of course) but I ran out of fantasies so Jovan helped me, too. But his fantasies weren't as cool as mine, so.
3. Do not let it out AT ALL. Not even a little. Because then, you won't be able to stop the stream.
Nailed this one because I'm good at self-control.
4. Cross your legs if you are in standing position and open your legs if you are in sitting position.
Was a little bit hard because I was wearing a dress and I was beside Sjafii's mom and aunt. It wouldn't have been courteous lol.
5. Do not laugh.
Being the good friend he is, Jovan tried to say funny things to entertain his already-in-danger-of-wetting-herself friend.
Anyways, it was successful. I ran to the loo as soon as the car stopped. Sitting on the toilet bowl felt like a blessing to me. I actually thanked God for real and I swear my face cheered up and became prettier after releasing(?) myself.
Woah, I gave you people tips on how to hold your pee when you are stuck. Thank me.

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recommend books. banyak2 yaaaa all genres

Sadly, I haven't been reading lots of books these days. Not that I have read many books my whole life.
And I have a confession to make.
I checked my books (e-Books sih) and apparently I have been five-timing these 5 books:
J.K. Rowling - The Cuckoo's Calling
John Green - Looking for Alaska
Robert Bloche - Psycho
Anne Rice - Interview with the Vampire
Jenny Han - To All the Boys I've Loved Before
Yes, I haven't finished any of them :')
I need to be more consistent in reading goddammit.
And last night, I started a new book. Again. HELP. ME.
Here, some I have read, some I have downloaded (the plot is intriguing, that's why) but haven't read yet.
Crime Fiction/Thriller/Paranormal/Fantasy: Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas, just because I love the movie (haven't read it yet, but good reviews so yeah).
James Patterson's?
Stephen King's obviously. (I haven't read any of his works sobs.)
Ransom Riggs - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (and the sequel is out! Couldn't find it on the internet tho.)
(Romance) Fiction: Tbh, I HATE romance, the sappy cheesy clichéd kind, but because I kinda love the movie Love, Rosie, I decided to read the book (which I've just finished btw), Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern, I find it very lovely. Oh, and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I have a thing for exciting love stories(?)
Young Adult & Dystopian:
Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
Dystopian novels - they are not hard to find on the internet. Just find those with lots of fangirls lol. My absolute favourites will be The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins and Maze Runner series by James Dashner.
Udah, malas sambung. Kalau mau lagi, ntar lgsg cari aku haha xD
Here, a picture of this book I just picked up yesterday. Was tempted to buy it before going back to Medan (thanks to Nydia and Sjafii). One chapter in and I'm sold.

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vr speaking english

Aku udah pernah jawab ini-
GO JOIN ELDS >>>>>>>
And you can converse in English with (us, including me ha-ha) Sectional Leaders kece yang accent-nya pada cakep abiezzz 😂

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