Ask @chopsticksroad:

Hi! Do you work more in illustrator or photoshop? Which are the artists that inspire you? PS, your works are so beautiful and it makes always makes me happy :)

Hello! I work more in photoshop, way way more. I learnt a little on how to use illustrator back in high school but couldn't get the hang out it, but I'm going to try using it and hopefully produce something decent with it. :B There are a ton of artists that inspire me, the list is so long but to name a few of my favourites, Amelie Flechias, Charles Santoso, May Ann Lumbang Licudine, Chris Turnham, Lorelay Bove. And thank you so much, very kind of you! So glad they make you happy. ; v ;

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i rly love ur art work! whr do u get ur inspiration from?

Thank you so much mysterious person, more than happy you like them! ; v ; I apologise for the late reply! Most of the time it's from looking at other artist's work and I spend quite a lot of my time doing that *guilty*, I get inspired by events/things around me as well, especially when it's funny (so I can look back at the drawing and laugh).

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what are some good and bad qualities of yourself?

I'm sorry for taking so long to answer this!! I suppose a good quality about myself is that once I start painting something, especially traditionally, I won't stop until I'm done with the painting and continue painting other small silly things because I'm in the 'zone'. Being lazy and a giant procrastinator would be the bad qualities. I tend to think too much about the end result and worry about screwing the drawing/painting up before I even start which results to no work getting done. U_U

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