what does it mean to be in a relationship? what does it mean when one person has more free-will than the other person that he/she is in a relationship with......in addition to doing more than the other?

Unfortunately today, a "relationship" can take on so many definitions and forms. To be in a "committed" relationship means that you have singly committed to be with one person, and only one person. That you have also committed your relational love and affection, so to speak, to them and no one else. When one person has more free will or "does more" in the relationship than the other, the 2 are not walking together in agreement. In other words, they're acting and living opposite to the goal of being in relationship with someone—which is to be in harmony. Relationships, like boats, must be balanced in order to stay afloat, each person doing their part, carrying their share, and making more deposits of love, affection, time, care, etc. than they're withdrawing. When one person of the relationship takes more than they give in the relationship, it becomes unbalanced and ultimately sinks or falls apart. They are self-centered, only thinking of themselves first and foremost. Relationships however, are about putting others first (including friendships). If they're not willing to do that, they're not ready for a relationship.

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