why do parents fall short of their priorities once their children reach a certain age to adult hood? ages such as: 16-19 or almost 20 years old. why do parents stop doing what needs to be done for child(ren) at thus upcoming age of adulthood? why do they stop seeing things through?

It depends on what you consider their priorities to be, in terms of what needs to be done and what the needs are. Legally speaking, parents are only responsible for you until 18 years of age. Beyond that age, it's not unreasonable for parents to expect their children to assume some responsibility in the way of paying for their own expenses, food, clothes, and shelter. It's their job to teach their children how to live a responsible life and how to stand on their own throughout adulthood. This may be the preparation for that. Certain things that they did before because they wanted to or needed to, don't always apply as you get older. It really depends exactly on what the need and priority is—your original question didn't say. However with that said, the care and love of a parent has no age limit and they should always want to be a part of your walk and guidance, even through adulthood. Sometimes they don't and there are varying reasons for that. Perhaps it's a form of tough love, perhaps they're tired themselves. Maybe they even have issues of their own that are now taking center stage as they may feel like they've fulfilled their responsibilities with you. The reasons differ with every situation. You be prayerful about understanding why, and willing to see it from their side too. A respectful conversation how you really feel is always good place to start.

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