my bf want to have sex I do to but I know its wrong but I really want to what should I do ? p.s prayer not helping

For starters, don't do it. Everything that feels good is NOT good. Knowing it's wrong and feeling the conviction against doing so means that prayer is working and has already helped you get to this point. Think about it. If it wasn't helping, would you have the same feelings and thoughts about the decision that you're faced with? No, you'd probably do it without thinking twice. But the fact that you KNOW what's right, and at least have a desire to follow that, says a lot about your character and your heart. God doesn't promise an easy life or easy victories. But He does promise you the win, if and only if, you're willing to choose Him and walk in that choice every day, in every situation. Practically speaking, you need to change your surroundings, your conversations, and most importantly, your thought life. Because your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your actions. No matter how strong ANY of us are, if we meditate (think) on something long enough, it will consume us to the point that we act on it. When you change your thoughts, you can change your life. Sexual temptation is no different and it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest spirit that you'll ever encounter. You have to begin to think better thoughts (Philippians 4:8). When you find your mind drifting in sexual thoughts, change the channel, read that scripture. Bombard the thoughts with scripture—it's the only way to plant the seed for better thoughts. And when you do, you will notice that your prayers are more effective because you're praying the Word and will of God (that you've read through scripture). Make sense? Your new prayer is not to just have God take the temptation away, but to give you a new mind, each day. Never, ever... put yourself in a situation, i.e. a place (physically) to be tempted. That means not being alone with him, suggestive actions, touching—don't allow it to happen. Lastly, partner with someone whom you trust that will help you to be accountable to your commitment to remain faithful. They will help you stand firm when you're weak. We're standing with you!

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