I like having having sex with guys but I Am now starting to like having sex with girls I know this is wrong what do I do

The bible tells us to run away from sexual temptation/sin (1 Corinthians 6:18). This is different than just resisting because this type of sin is perhaps the strongest and most pervasive you'll ever encounter. The problem with this kind of sin is that it spreads like a cancer. What was once satisfying you is not enough anymore, and now you need more and something different to continue to satisfy you. Sex was designed for marriage and anything outside of that becomes perverted, regardless if it's straight or gay. To start, you'll need to separate yourself from those people and environments that will cause you to give in and sin. You can't hang around old places and behaviors and expect the change you want to see. Ask God (prayer) to deliver you from this stronghold and to change your desires from this appetite. When you spend more time with Him and in His Presence, saying no becomes a lot easier. Find a leader that you can trust who will hold you accountable to living a sex free (before marriage) lifestyle. It's great that you have a desire to change. We're praying and are here for you, always!

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