I am a Virgin and I am talking to this guy and I really like him and he understands that and he don't force me or nothing but I don't know how to control myself when we hang out what do I do ?

Above all else, you have to value yourself and the God in you enough to not want to compromise your virginity for a couple of minutes of physical pleasure. Your sexuality and purity is a gift from God, and you should want nothing more than to share that with your husband some day. But you have to want that more than you want him in that moment because it says everything about who you are. The bible says that a fruit of the Spirit is self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). This means that you simply need to ask God for His Spirit to dwell in you. And you feed His Spirit through the Word (bible). This is how you get stronger and learn self-control in situations that tempt you. The bible also says, specifically regarding sexual temptation, to run away from it (1st Corinthians 6:18). In other words, sexual temptation, unlike others, is so strong that it often can't be resisted like other temptations, and therefore, the bible tells us to simply not be around it because... we will give in at some point. Practically speaking, that means never putting yourself in a situation/place that you could be tempted, i.e. at home alone, in his/your room, a dark movie theater, car, secluded areas, etc. If you have not built up enough self-control, then it is best that you not be around him at all, or only be with him in public places and/or with people (friends) that will help you stay accountable to living God's way. You can even sneak gestures in public places, so it's not all about the place, but it helps, as well as who you have around you. This doesn't mean that you have to say goodbye to him, but you may need to distance yourself until you can get stronger and be around him without compromising your integrity. God values your integrity more than this or any relationship. So you have to decide what's more important and make adjustments so that you're not EVER caught up in a situation that you should've never been in. We're praying for you and love you!

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