I like guys but some times I fall for girls I know it's wrong but idk what to do

First, understand that there is a difference between what you're tempted by and what you give in to. Although this attraction is tempting, it only becomes sin once you participate in it or meditate upon it. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 26:41 that it's easy to fall for something even when we know it's wrong and even when we want the right thing. Our flesh is weak and of this world. And so that's why God calls us to use our strength and weapons beyond this world. You can't change what you're drawn to, but you can always decide what your response will be. This kind of battle can't be fought simply by saying no. You have to attack it in prayer and be mindful of when you are in situations that you shouldn't be. Conversations that you shouldn't be a part of, music or movies that feed those desires. What you feed gets stronger. What you cut off, dies. In time, God can remove these desires but only when we continually give them to Him in prayer. It's not a one time prayer, but every day.

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