I like talking to a lot of guys do that make me a hoe

By definition, a whore is someone who is promiscuous (having or involving many sexual partners) and/or engages in sexual acts for money. Usually, "talking" to someone doesn't come up under this category. You are free to talk to and have as many friends, whether they be male or female, as you wish. It's the level to which you take those relationships and how the two involved parties define the relationship. You should never be in more than one relationship at a time nor should you jump from one relationship to the next in an unhealthy way. Always keep in mind to "do unto others as you would want others to do unto you." Never expect or require anything of anyone, that you yourself wouldn't be willing to do. If it's agreed upon that you and another male have an established friendship, then let it be just that, and carry yourself accordingly. Don't attempt to gas up a simple situation and make it complicated. A short conversation, a "hey, how are you doing?", or casual outing are appropriate ways to engage. As long as you carry yourself as such, act like a godly young lady, and think like a young godly lady, then the respect from your peers will follow.

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