I have a bf but deep inside me I kinda like girls so I pray but pretty girls always try to talk to me

It's great that you're praying about this and desiring to do the right thing. God honors when we choose Him above our own feelings. You don't always get to decide how you feel, but you do always get to decide what your response will be. There is a difference between what you're tempted by and what you give in to. You might be silently attracted to other females right now, but it only becomes a sin once you participate in it or meditate upon it (thinking about it a lot). Because the enemy wants you to sin, he's going to try and get you to think about it, and that also means sending girls your way that are struggling with the same thing that you are, in order to get you to give in. Again, it's not about what you feel, it's about your response and decision. This is not battle that can be won by simply saying no, you have to attack it in prayer. So keep praying. But make sure that your prayer is sincere, that you are praying for God to remove this taste from your appetite. Sometimes we're praying but secretly wanting the thing we're praying against. And God always knows the difference. Ask God for His presence. Ask Him to clean you up on the inside, your mind and heart. Ask Him to give you desires for His will and His will only. Next, check your surroundings. The bible tells us to deal with sexual temptation by running away from it. That means never purposely putting yourself in places or situations where you will encounter those kinds of things and people. If you find that you're always encountering these girls, ask yourself, should you be there in the first place? And if it's a place like school where there's no avoiding it, remove yourself from those crowds and conversations—just walk away and get away from it. Sometimes it's not always the place that's the problem, but the conversations we're having, the music and video that we're watching and feeding our spirits with. You have to be on full guard all of the time. But as you pull away, God will give you the strength and desire to turn away and not want those things. It's process, but God is able to do it.

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