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I want to, I REALLY want to, and I don't wanna make you mad, but idk if I should yet...soon? I'd like to talk to you first. Then I'd probably feel more comfortable telling you who this is!

That's okay with me. Just text me but don't say who it is

I mean...it just doesn't matter. Bc we clearly are getting nowhere, I really do look stupid Bc really how are you supposed to know? And this is probably aggravating for you I didn't do anything but waste both of our time. So maybe we should just forget I ever approached it

If that's really what you want then go ahead.

The thing that makes me uncomfortable is not being able to tell you :/ I'm saying I got a sense that maybe you could be interested...but mood lol

You can tell me. It's not like it's impossible to tell me

Bc you- never mind lol. But I know for sure that you wouldn't. I just got a vibe that told me maybe..

Well if it makes you uncomfortable then I understand


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