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Is the age of consent too high, too low or just right?

Too high based on the experiences of myself and my friends at that age

Are you ever worried that answering these questions, some of them very candidly, will come back to bite you on the ass in the future?

Not really because I want to be a writer and that's essentially self employment

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If you knew someone was sensitive about something would you make fun of it in front of them (am thinking of Charlie Hebdo cartoon). I mean, in Thailand, would you pat someone on the head or deliberately point your feet at them? (Cos you know that's considered offensive in Thailand right.)

No of course not because I'm not an asshole.

How can men and women be equal if men can't give birth? Equal means same.

Not all women can give birth. Some men can give birth. Not all men have the same skin colour or hair colour or eye colour. Equal doesn't mean identical.
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Should young people be compelled to carry out a form on national (not necessarily military) service?

No hell no no no no youth should not equal slavery

You have to spend a decade on a desert island. You can take one person with you. Who do you choose? Before you say Olly, would you really want to subject him to that?

I'd ask Olly. If he said no then God knows. I can't think of anyone else I'd want to spend a year with let alone an entire decade. I think Olly would say yes though.

Re: Charlie Hebdo, freedom of speech etc. Are there such a thing as universal values?

Not really seeing how that philosophical concept is directly related but do I believe in objective morality, no.

What's your usual order at the fish and chip shop?

I very very rarely go to a fish and chip shop place but I'd probably just get chicken nuggets and chips...
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Just read your answer about how you value someone who is "kind, thoughtful and considerate without expecting anything in return". That's so true and I will make sure I follow that rule! Cheers!

I'm glad! I only wish I could follow it better myself, but we can only try.
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Do you agree that a fool (me) can ask more questions than a wise person can answer?

This explains why I like talking about myself so much so yup sure go for it.

Is it creepy for an adult man to be attracted to girls in school uniform?

No, I mean have you seen St Trinians, you're only human.

Is it best to sleep with your glasses on in order to see what you are dreaming about?

I don't wear glasses and this is silly.

What TV shows are you currently watching?

Nothing, seeing as I can't watch any TV until April or May! Halfway through Girls though so gotta finish that.

Tamsin Egerton was the tall blonde girl in St Trinians. Tamzin Merchant was Catherine Howard in The Tudors...

Ah. St Trinians girl then, never got that far ahead in the Tudors


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