Ask @chylex:

How does it feel to be a modder?

It's like playing with lego while providing customer support for the things you build. Great fun to create things people enjoy and seeing what people think about it, somewhat less fun when dealing with idiots, but you get that everywhere. Kind of stressful that things will go wrong (every damn release). Exhausting, when you spend hours trying to fix find a strange bug and suddenly it's 3 am. Exciting, when you get to talk to people more famous than you :P. So... guess it feels like any other kind of creative job.
Anyways, I wouldn't change it for anything else. Also because I can't do anything else :D

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Could you briefly explain the programs and the process of coding mods for MC. Specifically what language do you code in for that?

Well, first decide if you want to mod for Forge or not, because Forge has a special process of source installation - if you don't want to make Forge mods, google MCP. Mods are coded in either java or scala, but if you have absolutely no programming experience from before, MC modding is definitely not the best thing to start with, considering obfuscation of Minecraft, updates which may break stuff and lack of documentation.

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what is your inspiration for the new hardcore ender expansion lore?

If you mean the Adventurer's Diary (which I sometimes call lore), that was written by Matt from Podcrash. If you mean ideas for the mod in general... a lot of the ideas come from friends (especially the Erebus dev team), and I send them my own ideas too and we just kinda develop them, think of more stuff... it's not a very organized mod :D some stuff is really random, but I'm pretty happy with the way it's going so far.

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Since no other mod allows this except for hacked clients I think you should make a mod that allows you to steal all items from a chest with one single click. The problem would be getting past NC or NCP. Im sure you could figure it out and it would be a very popular mod!

Impossible, even vanilla servers are protected - at least based on observations I made in 1.3.1, but I doubt it'd be different today.

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What is the hardest minimod you have ever created

I would probably have to say that TNT Settings, the rewrite took a very long time and I had to learn a lot of Forge things, because there's an entity, GUI, tile entity, block replacing, custom packets and it took some effort to make everything work together. From the past, I'd say Noteblock Tuner as it took me 2 days to create the very first version for 1.2.5, and then it broke for several updates :D

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hi. i want to be a modder like you. how did you learn to be so good at coding and how long did it take you.

I started learning programming and making websites about 5 years ago and during that time, I've learned several programming and coding languages. I'm not purely a modder, I create games too which allowed me to learn many things about how games work, and huge amount of the experience I've gotten from it I have later used in modding Minecraft too.
Of course, if you only want to be a modder, the learning process will be different for you so I'm afraid I can't really help to get you on the right track in that case. But one rule is always the same for whatever programming you want to do - don't just copy tutorials, try to figure out solutions yourself and if you need to use a tutorial, understand it. Also, know math.

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