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do u play minecraft?

did u deactivate your twitter 😭😭😭

yeah I did x

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What song is currently your favorite?

roses - the chainsmokers

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Update your blog


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Where did you sign up for nispmunc? I cannot seem to find the delegate registration page anywhere??

its not out yet

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how many views do u usually get on sc?


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Update your blog like PAP of you !

pap of me on my blog? why haha

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Your make up is always on point 😍 since when u started to put on make ups & where did u learn from?

haha thanks x i only started really getting into it like in the middle of last year - I learnt from some random beauty tutorials & my mom & some makeup artists

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Where are you


my room

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how frequent do u mask

like face mask?? I don't at all

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can u name out make up products youre using rn ?

(for yesterday night)

maybelline great lash mascara
benefit brow pen
mac eyeliner
sephora foundation
maybelline age rewind concealer
mac lip liner
covergirl contour stick
NYX white eyeliner
naked palette

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you implying you would go with me? what you trying to get at heheh

No LOLOLOL I'm saying that if you're asking me if any of my friends would go with you I wouldn't ask them to bc I don't even know

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reservations made, tickets bought, know anyone who would go in her place?

HAHAHA idk who you even are????

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i kinda did, was gonna ask her out and all but she's not replying my texts or picking up the phone.

then get the fuck out get your priorities straight and stop trying bc she's toxic (you said she abused you)'re better off without her.

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Pap snapchat best friend

so i shouldn't even wish her or anything? :(

yeah that's fine! but don't waste your time planning an overly elaborate present or whatever yknow

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broke up with my gf (who terrorised me and abused me for years) a few months back. her birthday is soon, should i do anything?

don't waste ur time

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Snap chat ID ?


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have you ever thought of being a vlogger on youtube?

yea but I don't think I'm cheerful enough hahaha

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What's your favorite drink?


jk apple juice

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was that u in Ming's video?

yeah hehe

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why didnt u go

i was in Singapore or something that weekend

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hi cindy! any advice for mun newcomers? those who are too shy or cant speak well. or they dont have a "gang" to hang with. thanks so much! xx

to begin with you should come to MUNs with a friend or two - this helps you increase confidence to talk to other people together x

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u signed up for brats the star?

Kind of but I didn't go

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Please update your blog babe!

I did x

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