your driving your car but were speeding,im a cop but a crooked 1,pull u over and ask u to get out of the car to pat u down,i ask u to remove your shoes so u do i get down low to inspect and u feel my finger run down your foot making u giggle,i start taking off ur sock and u kick me and run,wut nxt?!

U chase me and fall

I fall downbut get back up and see u running so i hop back in the car and follow u in pursuit u dont have your shoes so u cant go fast and i catch up get out the car and tackle u..u punch me and scratch me and it stuns me for a little but i have a grasp on your ankles and pull you in,now what??

I get out of the grasp keep running as ND I fall because I got a sprain on my ankle

U try to crawl away but ur hurt so i come back to you and take off your socks and begin to tickle u i pull out a spin toothbrush and use it on your soles and u r so tickled u pass out and wake up in a cell theres a different cop outside the cell and u can maybe convince him to let u free but how?🤔

After I see the cop I beg him to lete free because I didn't do nothing 🤷

With story

I'm lost u not asking questions anymore

The story about me trying to tickle you and you ecscaping,we left off with u in the jail cell

Oh okay so they let me free n we see each other at the gas station

u spot me wayching u,u get nervous and drive off and i do the same going after u,i get really close to u and knock u off the road and my car flips over too as our cars fall down the side of the road into the woods near a small river,ur ok but youre leg is stuck in the rubble of the crash what next??

I stay stuck till the ambulance comes for us 🤷

The ambulance is otw but before it gets to us i come over to your car and take your stuck leg and grab your ankle i remove your shoe and sock and i gently lick the bottom of your foot u laugh hard as i lick the tastiness and once i finish i help u out and the ambulance comes

😂😂 i leave with the ambulance and I never seen u again

Ur forgetting im a cop 😱,you go off in the ambulance and tell them what i did,the two men in the ambulance are helping u but when u tell them they look at each other and say were going to try a little test they go to bandage your leg and the one starts to tickle your foot and you scream!,what now?!

What's up with all this tickling