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What do you think is scarier life (has more pain and unexpected tragedy) or death ( the unknown or afterlife)?

life. I don't believe in an afterlife, so I see death more as an eternal sleep. that's not scary to me at all.

i've been following you for 5ever and i was here when you and dee were a thing and i was wondering if you kept in touch with them still? i love u a lot your writing has kept me sane

he goes by devin now I think. no, we don't keep in touch.

are u going to college?? if so, do you have any tips for the application process and managing stress and stuff?? thanks :)

yes i'm starting in the fall!! my tip would be to be yourself and don't stress yourself out over details. wherever you end up you WILL be happy. don't freak out over 10 sat points. write about what makes you happy and admissions people will see your passion. don't be afraid to bend the rules!

just wanted to let you know that I was going through a really rough time a bit ago and reading your poetry really helped me out of it and I think you're adorable and I just love you so much :))

this is adorable holy shoots thank you, I hope you're feeling a lot better ❤️❤️

i'm in kind of a friend slump right now. i don't feel like i connect with the ppl i used to be close to & i have let myself drift away from them. i miss having plans and a solid friend group but i don't enjoy my old friends company. do you have any advice on how i can branch out & make new friends?

you have to put yourself out there. I know it seems awkward to talk to people you don't know well but trust me, they don't think it's weird at all!! you may click with someone you never thought you'd make a connection with.

ooooo girl whats yo drama ??? spill the tea also screw that asshat who was rude about you're smile bc you're a literal goddess and i admire you so much and you're freaking gorgeous so they can step the hell off and ily you're lovely 💛

I really don't have a lot of drama personally 😂😂 which I guess is good?? usually crushes and shit are drama but this isn't, so yay I guess (?)

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