Ask @clandestinite:

list down 3 good things that happened to you this year

1. Friends. I can't even begin to describe the happiness and adventures all these people brought: lara and kristen and nathan and ssg and rizal fam thnks fr th mmrs
2. Realizations/actions that led me to happiness pak
3. Moving forward in every aspect of life. Onwards 2017! Hahahha it was a very good year :)

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Can I ask why you write? I love your words so much :))

well, um
1. I've been at it for a decade. No, seriously. They gave me a princess diary when I was six with a lock and shit. It's just.... natural. It's something I do and it's something I've been doing for how many years.
2. I don't really let out my feelings well through speaking to people, and I would look weird talking to myself, so I write.
I wish I could give you something deep but haha

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