Ask @classyandfab:

i luv you

i love you too however you are

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What was your first mobile phone?

nokia i think..

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What’s your favorite seafood?

i hate all type of seafood

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What are you wearing right now?

sweats and a sweater

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oi linda seguindo, segue de volta e faz pergunta :)

Rhafael Magalhães

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im laughing so hard at your icon omfg

✻▬ k4yluhh mαri3
Why thanks you I thought it suited me ;p

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What color shoes are you wearing today?

i am wearing pink socks

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i wanna be a virgin pure. a 21st century whore.♥

your music taste is perfection

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At what age did you find out that Santa wasn’t real?

I think at 7

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What does money smell like?

put it under your nose and you tell me

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What are you addicted to?


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wish i knew how to read that...

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what about asking me some quality stuff?

not your business