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Do himehorns know how to make wine or any other alcoholic concoctions?

Yes, the himehorns have their own brand of alcohol. The process isn't recorded in any herd record, so the haremhorns must be passing along the knowledge somehow...
The haremhorns are careful to control how much hornmothers drink, though, as it can lead to bad behaviour and defective eggs.

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3/? So herd and human interactions looks like they will occur no matter what at this point. I can only hope to mediate them so no real harm comes to anyone. Also, I found out one herd had taken up residence in an abandoned coal mine.

That's going to be tough for their lungs. I hope their smallhorns are alright... ;ww;

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, I did say the herds can live on kudzu and potatoes alone, but once the horns (more so the hornmothers) try cakes, they will never forget the taste and want them. I may have accidentally spoiled nearly all of them when they arrived for the great meeting. 1/?

>defective hornmothers crying for cake
>defective horns making a long pilgrimage just for cake
>no more cake

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4/4 I had asked the horns what they know about herbal medicinal use and not surprising they do have a wide selection of herbs to use for aliment, illnesses and injuries. Although a number of them are useless or harmful to humans.

Hmm, I see - so they don't need to go near humans. It would be best if they kept their numbers hidden as best they can...

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, You appear to be mostly correct about the herds wanting to collect nesting grass from my lawn. But only the herds new from the caves do that. The older herds collect seeds and nuts from my trees so they can plant and grow their own 'Herd Trees' so to speak. 1/?

2/? It appears that the horns be it on my world or in the caves revere the Southern Witch (and now my backer) as something like a God, with Apostles their avatars. It's like that concept is built into them at their hatching. Other wise they pass that way of believe to each other behind my back.

Somehow the apassal is always known in every herd... it's a real mystery.

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Defectivehorn Apostle here, The aftermath of the fellow Apostle meeting me is still being felt. It's turned my home and land into something I could say as a holy site for the wild herds. Or something like that. It made me think more of the mindset of a himehorn. 1/?

The horns will probably come to gather nesting grasses from your fields now. Prepare yourself. ;w;

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