Ask @CloneManga:

2/2 Is that... are you really drawing my story now? If so, thank you very much Mr. Dan Kim. Seeing that Leedah isn't updating as much these days, I'll try to send you messages so you can pass them on to the horns.

It's the story of all those who wish to help defective horns. =w=
I look forward to more of your updates, Defective Horn Keeper!

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What kind of fauna lives on Big Egg?

Hairy worms, fuzzy crabs, noodle-filled squids, tree worms, horned ones, templars, vampires, wolf-girls, witches, cows (they don't look like our cows), and all sorts of other creatures. The deeper down you go into the caves, the more things are left alive. The surface is pretty frozen and dead except for pockets like Enna's Domain.

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Do you ever look over your old work to see how you've developed? If you do, do you ever find that your old style has strengths your new style lacks?

Sure, of course. And I always try to adapt my style to what the current work demands. So sure -- the really intense black and white style I used in PXI and NNN have good features that I'm not using much these days, but it wouldn't be a good fit for Vampire Bride. And the Vampire Bride style would be too much for Himehorn's Daily Life (which looks more like Tomoyo42 or Nana most of the time).
I'll probably give Puella Pantsuit a cleaner feel -- maybe similar to Vampire Bride, but without the pencil/sketched look. Or maybe a blend -- sharper characters, sketched background and watercolour background (like 90s anime).

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What level of technology is most commonly available in the Vampire Bride Universe?

It's a real mix, since all kinds of alien ships have landed on Big Egg. Then there are the witches and their apostles...
Just amongst the himehorns, there are caves with witch devices, caves with video games, and caves that get by with waterwheels and that sort of thing. Others live like in the old days -- on haremhorn and musclehorn labor alone.

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