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Dan, what's a good way to develop work ethic to work hard at stuff such as getting adequate amounts of skill at art?

You know that moment when you're doing pushups and your arms want to quit but you push yourself to do just one more? Discipline comes from willpower, and willpower is something you build up the same way you build up muscle. Exactly at the moment you feel like putting down the pencil and taking a break -- notice it. Notice that your willpower is breaking and say NO. I will KEEP WORKING. And do it. Even just five more minutes. Then you'll slowly find it easier and easier to force yourself to do things you don't want to do.
You can do it, anon! It's going to be painful, but that's the point. You gotta do it anyway!

who wants a boring manlet neckbeard? No one... Sane that is. Alone with your own brand of crazy is better than together with someone else's crazy along for the ride

I should just quit my job again and finish my comics. If I'm going to play 1P mode I might as well go for a 100% completion speedrun instead of dragging the damn thing out.
who wants a boring manlet neckbeard No one Sane that is Alone with your own

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Are you single by choice or because you can't get some?

Let's be real -- who wants a boring manlet neckbeard? No one.
Anyway, I'd only end up getting cucked, losing half my stuff, and getting locked into eternal servitude via alimony. Why even bother? I'm better off drawing and playing games.
Are you single by choice or because you cant get some

Have you heard of musuko ga kawaikute shikataganai mazoku no hahaoya? It's pretty damn cute!.. Though with very short chapters.. I wonder if Dan likes cute things that aren't being thoroughly bullied though..

I love it!
I'm hoping for some heartbreak later though.
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Dan, why do you share cringy (old) news? I already lost hope in humanity, I don't need your help... I don't know what is worse, the stupid officer that sent the meme without thinking or all the exaggerated stupid people that overreacted to it. *sigh*

The ride never ends, friend!

Maybe I'll try to have a gluten free chili dog one day, then. Sorry for not having eaten completely normal stuff, sempai

Try one with cheese for maximum gross deliciousness.
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>memearrows >leddit | REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sempai, you're not repelling the normies hard enough, REE with me REEEEEEEEEE

le greenfrogman reee boi
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What if Darkcake enjoys all this sexual attention she's getting because it's the only way she can feel. You know since her father abandoned her.

I didn't abandon her! I send her a little money each month! I'm doing my best here, okay... now I have games to play... go away.... daddy is busy...

I impregnated Darkcake. She shall bear my child.

Magical Single Mom Darkcake...
>Skipping meals to send her mega a cutest to good schools
>Working two jobs
>Missing out on important life events
>Becoming strangers to each other
>Resented by her mega a cutest that feels abandoned
>Resenting but still loving her mega a cutest
>But all they have in this world is each other
>Working hard to understand each other
>Mega a cutest comes to appreciate her magical mom who always does her best
>Darkcake lets go of the past and comes to love her mega a cutest as their own person
>mom and doughter are still doing their best every day
Why make comics when I can just shitpost memearrow summaries


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