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>and then sempai made HIMMYHORN SHELTER | I'm not buying your lunchboxes, sempai

Yes, but what about those those special deals from the apostle? Only $1.99 for a mystery box!!
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How is the cakeist's tiny lovecake doing? Is cupcake okay? When are you expecting it to come out of the oven?

That's not canon! >: T
My a cutest and a best is outside playing CakeMonster Go. >: T
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SSP Containment Breach x Himehorns. When?

I'd read it!
Actually, I've been getting quite quick with Unity and I've been thinking about a small game I could make... maybe an Enna's Domain management game? Keep residents happy to get offerings, use offerings to expand your domain and get more residents, make choices during special events (audiences, unusual visitors to the domain, etc.), send your daughters out on scouting missions, establish satellite domains... hmm...

What do musclehorns do all day, now that the Apostle is securing the resources of the herd and protecting them from threats?

Musclehorns still hunt in the caves, lift things, and dig stuff. Sometimes they protect the herd against giant wiggle bugs, too. They're definitely a lot less useful, but they do bring in their share of resources. The Apostle mostly brings in rare, weird, useless stuff... but also tasty treats (cake seeds?) and pipes and stuff to smoke in the pipes.

Why no one wants to kill the cakeist?! Do I have to hire a hitman or something?... I will have to ask Jarv next time...

What kind of a wrongnohorn are you?
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Why farm himehorns? (even if it would be too easy)... is better to eat the ones that died in the field of battle. We have honor! (unlike some defectives here)

You shouldn't do either. You should just go home.

>ONLY TWO INCHES TALLER THAN MY SUPER A CUTEST WHY EVEN LIVE ||| That way your Super A Cutest doesn't have to strain her neck to look you in the eyes. Short girls complain of this. You have made a glorious sacrifice for love.

A-anything for my super a cutest. ;w;

That way your
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Are there ¨crimes¨ of some sort for himehorns? Not the type that would make them say you are defective, but something so wrong that it deserves heavy punishment.

Not listening to the leader! That's the sort of thing that would make people think you're part of a wrongherd.
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I finally get it now, the creator of the Himehorns is also, their biggest bully!! 0:

This is the nature of a greatest cakewitch... ;w;
I finally get it now the creator of the Himehorns is also their biggest bully 0
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So... you are defective but since you don't have a herd and contribute to other's herds like yubee, you are not exiled and can survive even though you are a defective that barely updates and gets cucked even by his own fantasies?

Yes, that's right.
I want to update more though. I'm going to do it as soon as I mail these himehorns out and update the bweh world tour gallery.
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... hey Dan, what if the defective hornmothers try to stick near the cakeist to get food and all... He is a good guy so he won't reject them like the herd... what would happen then?

There's a defective stealing food that belongs to the herd! Call a musclehorn!!
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>manlets are detectives >making Dan sad // Do I have to rough someone up for you Dan? I'll fukkin do it.

Dimunsis’s Profile PhotoDimunsis
No, it's true. I'm going to go sit outside the cave exit where I belong. >:`T
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