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What happens to a hornmother that can't lay happy eggs?

That's a nightmare scenario for a hornmother, but it does happen -- a hornmother might appear to be totally normal on the outside and have all the right smells but lay nothing but duds, defectives, or no eggs at all.
If a hornmother enters her egg-laying stage and produces nothing but duds or defectives the haremhorns will try adjusting diet, exercise, comfort levels, etc. to try and get her to lay some happy eggs. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If nothing works, the haremhorns eventually give up and the hornmother is simply fed less, groomed less, and eventually totally ignored by the haremhorns.
Note: In both the defective and dud case, hornomther is often unaware of what happening since the haremhorns always take away their morning eggs... and as far as the hornmother knows, well, she's laying her happy egg, right? What's going on? She'll eventually start sneaking food and throwing tantrums and may eventually take desperate action to get more nutrition and attention. Eventually the other hornmothers will turn on her and eject her from the herd. You could say that haremhorns corner the hornmother into taking such actions, but it's better to think about this as a single body (the herd) ejecting a defective part and repairing itself.
If a hornmother doesn't lay eggs at all, well... at least in that case the hornmother knows something is wrong. Sensing she's in danger of being ejected from the herd, the hornmother will take extreme measures to preserve her access to food and care from the haremhorns ... some even attempt to steal another hornmother's egg and put it in her own nest to make it look like she's laying eggs properly. But the haremhorns always find out eventually.
It's all for the sake of the herd.
Happy horns~ Happy eggs~ Happy herd~

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himehorns with double or antler horns. | ... and how is that in any good way an evolution and not just a simple harmless mutation? What good use could they possibly have?

Being cute!
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Here's my hypothesis for why himehorns discourage their own evolution: in the time before the Templars the himehorns lived in an unchanging environment they were perfectly adapted to. This meant that any genetic change was more likely to be disadvantages, and so they developed habits to stop it.

Possible... or maybe himehorns have been changing all this time in ways that the haremhorns can’t detect. If a himehorn of today met a himehorn from ten million years ago, would they think each other wrongherds or wronghorns?
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Everyone's doomed to extinction. | OK Edgelord, you know very well that is not what I meant by that.

Even with the culling, the herd changes a bit over time. You might notice that there are some himehorns with double or antler horns. It happens.
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She'd still be a defective. | Even if a witch says that is ok?

They might listen to the Apostle. They'd have to be convinced with some super tasty presents and promises for lots of visits, though.
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Why are himehorns doomed to stay the way they are or fall into extinction? They never allow themselves to evolve.

Everyone's doomed to extinction. Great Yolk won't be around forever. It's already dark and cold all the time.
Maybe a witch will save everyone though? Or the Greathorn might lay another happy egg!
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... and what if she has heterochromia?

She'd still be a defective. Maybe a super defective if she has more stuff wrong with her than that. : T
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Since Crunch is also part of the herd... what do you think she wears when she is in the caves? ... and the cakeist too while we are at it.

Probably her normal costume. You can ask @HeatherCrunch yourself though!
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Himehorn nests... what are they made of?

Lots of different things -- leaves, furs, grass, blankets and fabric scraps made by the haremhorns. Sometimes the nests are customized with little flowers or decorations. =w=

If a himehorn hatches with different eye color or hair color... is she considered a defective instantly or they wait for her eggs?

Depends how different. If her eyes have a few speckles or she has a couple stray white or silver hairs it might be alright (especially if she's a hornmother) but if her hair was a completely different color or she had green or blue eyes -- that's a defective.

what if I told you that DarkCake was cuter than Cupcake?

You must be confused. Cupcake is the cutest one. Darkcake is almost a cutest.
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I can bet that Leedah will want to name the smallcake Risotto.

That's not even a kind of cake. : T
And Risotto is the name of a legendary friend to Starry Leedah... that's not suitable for a nohorn smallcake. : T
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>The haremhorns will eat her smallcake as soon as they smell it! Head-first!! || Yes, because the first thing on any Haremhorn's mind is "Piss off the cakepostle" and "Ruin the Cakeist's life"

You can't trust a haremhorn around a delicious smallnohorn.
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