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I don't think you have to worry about the Cakeist getting close to Cupcake. The cakeist wouldn't dare let any of that artificial sugars NEAR his cakes.

This sugar is ALL NATURAL.
She gets it from her mom, who is also a cutest. : T
I dont think you have to worry about the Cakeist getting close to Cupcake The
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How far is the nearest town from the caves?

Depends on what kind of town you mean. The City a many months away on foot, the nearest defended shrine is only a week or so away, but there's an abandoned satellite city directly on top of the caves (once infested by vampires, but now vacated and protected against both nohorns and vampires thanks to the power of the Southern Witch Apostle).

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Do you hate the cakeist? When he is going to be eaten? I want to watch.

No, the cakeist is a good nohorn. As long as he stays away from my apostle things will be fine.
pls b a respect
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A worthless good-for-nothing, but with a himecut.|| So like cupcaek, except for her it's twintails?

No, my Cupcake is at least a cutest and sometimes also a best.
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How is vicky's prosthetic arm held on? Does it clamp onto the remains of her arm? Does she have some kind of mount permanently attached to her arm? Duct tape and a bit of stickum?

It binds to some metal structures left in her body -- if you take a close look at her armpit when she has her arm on you'll see where the inner structure and arm come together. When the arm comes off those structure retract (you can see the holes left behind here):
How is vickys prosthetic arm held on Does it clamp onto the remains of her arm
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If you don't find Perrine cute, do you at least find her cuter than, say, Crunch?

Crunch is a himecut and so automatically more a cutest than a boring megane plainhair.
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You gonna play va-11 hall-a? It has a small cute dfc robot. Frostable for a price.

At some point... when I have time. ;w;
I have Atelier Sophie and Odin Sphere on my plate at the moment. Maybe after that. =w=
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I love you and I hope you are doing well. Also Sakura loves Chad. Cupcake and Darkcake aren't your doughters. Gonna frost Pancake. Also feel the shame of no updates.

>tfw noupdates
I hope this prototype works out. If it does I get my evenings back. : T

Is Tomoyo's Room finished? Also, what do you want alien anthropologists from the future to know about Tomoyo's room when they dig up our servers and are puzzled by your work?

I just haven't thought of anything I want to add to it. Tomoyo42 was always my dumping ground for ideas that don't fit anywhere else, but at the moment the Vampire Bride universe is big enough that it's absorbing all my ideas nicely.
As soon as I can wrap up this prototype and free up my evenings again I can make progress on VB again... sigh...
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Wait, if the latest chronological chapter of Vampire Bride is the one where Vicky talks about getting married (chapter 10, guests and good manners) then doesn't that ruin the cliffhanger with Annis (chapter 11A, hunters, ghosts, phantoms part 1)?

coloredMayhem’s Profile PhotoColored Mayhem
Oh, I thought that last anon was just asking about the stuff happening in Enna's Domain vs the stuff happening in the himehorn caves. The stuff in Enna's Domain is the latest in the timeline -- that's all I meant.
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How much do Himehorn horns go for? What about a single hime egg? Hime wigs made from hime hair? A pound of hime flesh? A live hime ready for domestication?

Bikky has a couple horns (big antlers) in her shop. They're black and lustrous like himehorn horns, but they're far too big to be from any himehorn she's seen before. They appear to old wares from the previous owner ... just what kind of person were they...?

Careful Danny boy, all dem froge eggs will hatch and you'll get a kajillion Tsu's on your ass going REE 24/7. Don't antagonize Pepe's kind.

I'll just have to frost those eggs myself. Then they will be semi-acceptable cake/frog/cutest hybrids.
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