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What does 'strong artistic vision' mean to you in terms of game design? I assume you mean more than just 'it looks good.'

That sort of thing is always a bit fuzzy, but what I mean is that you can feel the presence of the director's hand in the game -- there's a consistency in the design choices that suggests the work of a personality at play. The opposite of that would be a design that feels like "design by committee" or "design by market testers".
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What are your favorite game genres?

To play:
Survival horror (Fatal frame, Demento, Silent Hill, etc.)
Etrian Odyssey-style dungeon crawlers
3rd person action/adventure
qt waifu geimus
To watch:
2D fightan gaems
I don't really like FPS and 3D platformers.
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Dream job: Filmmaker or Chef?

I'm already living the dream! Video games and comics!!
If I could only update and make a good game, everything would be perfect. : T
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>I told you I don't read Espernyan's stories. || Probably for the best, I don't think Ubi would appreciate you reading smut at work.

Yeah, exactly!
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who is your favorite of Esper's characters and why is it Cici the murder machine?

I told you I don't read Espernyan's stories.
: T
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Do you know what fresh frosting smells like? Do you smell it when your doughters come home? Do you like the smell of fresh frosting? Be honest.

Cupcake has a natural vanilla & sprinkels caek smell ok pls b a respect
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D-did Darkcake come out pre-frosted?

Every cake comes from frosting, anon.
That's where their sugar comes from.
Didn't they teach you that in school?
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