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Hey Dan... I know this sounds weird but... do himehorns have napes? Because I don't recall to have ever seen the nape of a himehorn before (or you barely ever draw them that I missed it). They are always covered by their hime cut... and given that fact, uncovering it triples the charming points.

Yes they do! A himehorn's nape is rarely seen... mostly the haremhorns will see them while washing them.

Have you pirate stranger of sword city yet? (>giving money to nisa). It got that old wizardry vibe going, on top of glorious art. (If you feel bad about pirating just buy some official merchandise, devs will get a better cut than what they get on sales).

>censoring my lewd animu gaems
They deserve what they get.
Haven't played it, honestly probably won't. Too many other games on my plate... Odin Sphere, Atelier Sophie, Nep VII, etc.
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How can a whole herd disappear like that? It's just a story... But Grandpa Cakewitch really liked these books... Right, Mr. Mopps? (tfw no cake loving grandaughter reading your books)

You best start believing in herd records, anonhorn.... YOU'RE IN ONE.
How can a whole herd disappear like that Its just a story But Grandpa Cakewitch
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Hey Dan, it's Chad. I've got Sakura coming over tonight she wanted me to ask you if you wanted to... y'know... watch.

Yes, but I demand you cry a lot and flop around ineffectively so I can self-insert.

Dan, what do we do when that gay robot becomes Esper's himmyhorns?

beep boop
I have no idea what you're talking about
but computing a cutest
beep boop
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bullying and suffering is what makes me happy | So every character that suffers is a way of to self insert your masochism, I see. Now I understand.

It's probably true. I'm sometimes told I'm a sadist, but it's not true! I only wish to suffer by proxy. ... ... wait, is that a sadist's true nature...? To make others suffer on his behalf...?
Hmm... something something christian death cult.... something something templar life in The City... something something sadist himecut Elder Sister sitting in the Inner Guardianship ... kukuku...

But bullying and suffering is what makes me happy | So you REALLY liked to be a cuck, uh? And even that was taken away from you... by Jarv in that case.

Truly a greatest enemy. : T
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Do you believe that people can't change for the better unless they endure suffering and pain?

HeatherCrunch’s Profile PhotoHeather F. Crunch
I don't think there's a necessary relationship. You could painlessly rewire someone's brains to make them do "good" things. You could smash their limbs and boil their children alive in front of them and they might not change their future behavior at all.

"Wow, why does Sakura doa chea ton me?" "I only want to smah lots of puszpuss, why doe she have lots of men" sempai plos

No! That's not true!! Darkcake was a mista-- ... ... I... er... a little miss cake! H-hi my almost a cutest...! Ha ha ha, here, take some money and get yourself an ice cream, okay?
Wow why does Sakura doa chea ton me
I only want to smah lots of puszpuss why doe


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