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Have you ever played Magical Battle Arena?

Nope! Looks a bit like 3D Acceleration of Suguri, though.

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I can imagine an opening with your dough family, The Brady Bunch Style.

So can I. Sakura is giving Darkcake and Darkcake's mom the Meguca Deathglare.
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Best starter Pokemon of all time?

I've never played pokemon!
The best starter class in EO is protector, though. Pretty much mandatory.
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Why does everyone in your family cuck and get cuked? Sakura cucks you with chad you cucked her even harder with darkcakes mom. Darkcake cucks all her admirers with you and you cuck her with Sakura. You should make a documentary called "meet the Cucks"

That's life in cuckistan in current year. : T
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Saitama Chainsaw Girl has a girl loosing her boyfriend to an alien transfer student and is a direct sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 iirc

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Not bad. I'd rather have the main girl suffer, but I'll take it.
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Tree of Savior's out! Will you be playing?

I dunno -- I had fun with it for one day... but I'm not sure I could keep playing for a long time. Too many other games to play.
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All of this NTR talk reminding me that Saya no Uta straight up had Yoh getting the man she loved taken by loli space blob. Eldritch NTR = the spiciest kind? All that's needed is a secret path where Saya NTRs Fuminori as well and goes for Kouji

Are there any good comics about cute girls who have their male childhood friends taken from them by the mysterious new transfer student?

>Bad homes also accepted She's like a puppy, Dan. She'll just walk back and piss on your carpet and everything will be back to normal

Not my problem anymore -- it's all on that previous anon now.
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