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Sempai, what makes you feel like a ssob?

Sorry son of a bitch?
Thinking about coming home at 40, 50, 60 to an empty house with only himehorn comics to show for it.
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How much time do you think the cakeist will last until it ends as dinner?

The cakeist will be fine until he accidentally uses one of the wrong eggs in his cakes. Then it'll be puddle time.
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Greatest cakewitch, why do our Leader's horn keep on growing? Maybe they grow more when a hornmother is worried?

haremhorn’s Profile Photomoonobotto
Every hornmother's horns keep growing until they die. If a leedah is really healthy maybe her horns might grow a little faster than usual...
A hornmother's horn growth might be linked to her production of eggs. No one knows for sure, though. Except a greatest cakewitch, of course. But it's a secret. Muhuhu~ =w=

Why is the cakeist a thing!? :T I don't like it... lucky bastard.

The cakeist is living the life we all wish we could live...
Pursuing your interest all day, surrounded by cute himecuts doing cute things. It's a perfect life. ;_;
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>despair and bullying >balance | Dan, please; We all know that the cuteness is merely a seasoning for you. You sprinkle it here and there, hoping to cover up the bitterness that lays deep inside the dish, that will ultimately be the flavor that will stay with us in the end.

You gotta put a sugar coating on a bitter pill, anon. Makes it easier to hand out to unsuspecting children, kukuku~
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Another book recomendation... Oppai no Kakikata. Also known as ¨Learn how to draw breasts¨... (of all sizes)

I got an idea for a new book:
Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them
1 billion dollars, please
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What would happen if Enna and Algis had a tea party together?

Witches can't meet directly. But they could always send their apostles for mutual visits.
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I have been wondering, is the cakeist a thing? I mean, will it end up on ¨paper¨ at some point? Or is just leedah having a long lasting feverish dream craving for cakes?

I don't think the cakeist will appear in the comic, sadly. But then again, those mysterious cakes must be coming from somewhere... right?
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Can we create a perfect himehorn? An all purpose himehorn, that can do all the stuff for herself. Fight and build like a musclehorn, lay eggs like a hornmother and raise them and do the chores like a haremhorn.

I guess that'd make her some kinda tomboy occasional-egg-laying himehorn with a soft caretaker side. That would be a super defective himehorn.
Can we create a perfect himehorn An all purpose himehorn that can do all the

I'm gonna have to arrest you on account of compromising the health of a lot of people. You're shit's too sweet, it's giving us the 'beetus.

Don't worry, I balance it out with despair and bullying:
Im gonna have to arrest you on account of compromising the health of a lot of
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do some of the defective himehorns perform herdshootings?

Defective smallhorns definitely try to get back into the caves/herdtree ... but they'll inevitably encounter a musclehorn and end up a puddle (smallhorns typically don't have a stabilized herd smell yet) or get thrown out again by an haremhorn. A smallhorn might do this many times before it dies of starvation/exhaustion.

Are you sure you want to try that? | It doesn't have to end like that, Dan... anyway, I am just saying that there can be other options that are not harmful for them.

Try headpats and leaving tasty carrots and radishes for them. =w=
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