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>go on little cave adventures ||| Smallhorn Cave Adventures when? A sidescrolling platformer where if you miss, you land and cry and a haremhorn comes and cuddles you until you're happy.

I would definitely play that. Or maybe a game where you're an overworked haremhorn trying to keep all your overly curious and active smallhorns alive.

Not only cake, the smallhorns seem to like all the pasta that I have made so far. Specially the pizza, plus the cakes and cookies, obviously. They are very curious, so they want to try everything new that I make... or play with it. Sometimes they can't choose if to eat it, play with it or both.

I bet the gooey cheese and slippery pasta reminds them of the texture of delicious squids innards. They like to play with those too.
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If you had to duel someone what weapon would you choose? Both of you get one of the weapon.

Headpats. But only if I'm dueling with a cutest.
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I don't think they have to worry that much since it only happens once or twice a week at most, and I only make cookies depending on how many ingredients I have left at the moment before going out to get more... unless I want some for myself. So, I would say that I make a batch once or twice a month.

I'd like to be a smallhorn for a week and just enjoy eating cookies, sneaking food, and go on little cave adventures... it sounds like a good time. Especially when there's cakeist cake at the end.

>Come here, I'll show you. | Dan ¨Zeus¨ Kim, never knowing when to keep in inside his pants.

If I'm Zeus.... what does that make Darkcake?
Besides almost a cutest, I mean.
Come here Ill show you  Dan Zeus Kim never knowing when to keep in inside his
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Are you aware that a misunderstanding could cost me my life, right? So, please don't use that pic when you answer me, it makes it seem like I do that kind of stuff... and I don't! Anyway, Leedah, sure has a good timing when it comes to the big cakes... and for when I make cookies for the smallhorns.

I'm sure the herd trusts you by now. But I understand... a haremhorn might be shocked to see that image on the witch machine...
And it sounds like leedah's haremhorns should keep a closer eye on her... she'll get fat and won't have happy eggs!
Are you aware that a misunderstanding could cost me my life right So please dont

Do you do drawstreams often? I haven't been able to catch any.. If you have fun answering questions would it help or hinder your motivation when drawing if it was in front of an audience with a chat?

I haven't streamed in a while! I even bought a webcam like a month ago so I could stream pencil drawings, too...
I guess I'm too caught up drawing comics and answering ask.fm questions.
Anyway, doing the drawing part of the comic on stream is fun, but I can't do the planning and editing part while streaming -- too distracting.
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>http://anonkun.com/stories/esper-quest-ii-yurivengeance/QpJWovRDKZJE62SJo/chapter-3-penis-joke/rkGj2kRvYTBY5WnX8 | lewd kohais: a best, a cutest, or a worst?

>akarin thigh job
That is 2 a lewdest for a kouhai

I try to make all the cakes the same size, but sometimes one is bigger than the rest because I don't like to waste the leftover ingredients. Unless some smallhorns try to help me and it ends up a little messy, in which case the last cake is the smallest...

Small cakes are just right for smallhorns...
I try to make all the cakes the same size but sometimes one is bigger than the

Do you get a chance to play a lot of VNs? Have you ever played anything from Crowd? They have a really retro style but most of their works have some interesting NTR developments for cucks like yourself. I assume you don't get much free-time to read and you would likely rather draw anyways?

Yeah, I haven't played any VNs in a good long while. And yeah, I should be drawing comics and pictures...
Anyway, I haven't played anything from crowd. The last VN I played all the way through was Umineko ep 4. I got a few hours into ep 5 then stopped because I didn't like Ange.
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Just finished that one anime with the little kids and I have to say.. NTR is still the worst fetish. DON'T YOU AGREE? What could be worse? Sometimes I think you enjoy being a cuck a bit too much.

It's even better when a cutest gets cucked.
Those delicious tears:
Just finished that one anime with the little kids and I have to say  NTR is

>I'd probably have killed myself ten years ago | Wow sempai, way to be as much of a scrubcake as me. WHAT ARE YOU, CASUAL?

I'm more a cutest though
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O-Okay! Am I close enough?

Just a little closer and.... O-OH! M-my super acutest!
N... nothing! I'm just answering some anon's crazy ask.fms ha ha yes I'll go help Cupcake with her homework yes I know you work all day too yes
yes dear
mm hm yes I'm listening
OOkay Am I close enough

May I ask what happened over here? Why all of a sudden I am being shipped with Leedah and Cupcake? What did I miss?

Aren't you always baking the biggest cakes for leedah?
It's okay, cakeist... all the haremhorns feel the same way.
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Could you live without a source of lewd of any kind? || If that happened wouldn't it basically be like Victorian England? Private photographs and "etchings" well away from prying eyes while publicly decrying such things? Things like illegality and shame are no match for human libido

Roombachan’s Profile PhotoRoomba chan
Half the fun of lewd cakebutt drawing is sharing 'em.
I guess I could become some kind of cakebutt monk in the wilderness, sharing the path of a cutests with those willing the turn their back on the world.

Do you have any sites you use to keep track of things watched/played? Like a myanimelist for anime or a VNDB list for visual novels? I'm not asking for them, i'm just curious if you think stuff like that is a waste of time or not.

Nope. I guess the list would be useful for sharing with friends or whatever but no friends (except you guys) and I don't care about tracking for myself.
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Have some more faith in your little caek, Dan. The cakeist IS a cakeist after all, she will be handled by a pro and she will be happy ever after.

Well, at least all those new cakes being baked will be top quality a cutest.
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