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Friends and gf are overrated. It's what you get from them that does the trick, and you get it already from your dreams. You ain't missing on much Dan, I fell for that trap and lost a shitton of time.

Sorry to hear that, anon.
Maybe just a few folks for online bantz is best. It's just the right distance.
Friends and gf are overrated Its what you get from them that does the trick and

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>you will come back to a VR waifu + VR friends cheerfully welcoming you home in your lifetime in your lifetime >they will start clapping and omedetou'ing every time you finish a page >they will always answer 'yes' when you ask them if they're by your side out of their own free will

>come home
>VR Sakura cooking dinner with VR Cupcake doing her homework at the table
>VR Darkcake working overtime, alone, with dead eyes wondering why she has to suffer like this alone
It's like a dream come true

What does it feel like to have a life?

Beats me.
I go to work and design video games in the morning (which is amazing -- I'm surrounded by super talented folks and it's a joy to watch an idea brought to life every day). And then I come home and draw comics... but is that a life?
I still come home to an empty apartment, have no friends, and will die alone. There's no one to enjoy these happy days with. Sigh.
Then again, I don't have to deal with someone else's drama and get nagged for playing games and staying up all night, so maybe it's a fair trade. Hmm.

does bweh like capeshit flicks and comics?

Nope. She likes dungeon crawling RPGs with moving scenes that will make her cry... when it comes to flicks she likes watching whatever Bikky is watching. Actually, the bweh likes to watch Bikky more than the show itself -- Bikky gets super excited when the hero is on the ropes and get picked up at the last moment by her friends. She also gets really into the action when the hero talks about fighting for justice and punishing evildoers. Bweheheh... Bikky is just like a kid...
does bweh like capeshit flicks and comics

do himehorns fantasize about unicorns as nohorn grills fantasize about horses?

No, they dream about delicious squids and cakes and laying lots of happy eggs... and when they wake up there's an egg! Life is good when you lay a happy egg.

What would the last himehorn look like? what would their life be like?

If the last himehorn is a hornmother there's no problem: she'll make a bunch of eggs and make a happy herd. The first few eggs will be hard since she'll have to take care of them herself and she'll have to come up with some kind of milk substitute but if she works hard she can make it.
If the last himehorn is a haremhorn she'll be very lonely and try to surround herself with small animals to take care of... but that still won't fill the herd-shaped hole in her heart...
A musclehorn would just get depressed, crawl into a corner, and waste away.
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80-100...for himehorn's daily life...at least 600 for Vampire Bride.|| At one update a week, you're still half a year from finishing HDL. At the same rate, you're 8.4 years away from finishing Vampire Bride. Probably 7 with blank pages. GET TO WORK CUCKLORD. YOU'LL BE DEAD BEFORE WITCHES.

I feel the weight of death's hand on my shoulder.
Thanks, anon. I'm going to work harder and faster.

I heard from a reliable source that no one is more qualified to answer questions about life and the general pursuit of happiness than you. So tell me, what IS the meaning of life? And can you still call yourself a good person if you have more than 1 waifu? I just can't choose between them..

There's no meaning, only the work that's before you. Dedicate yourself to the work you find important and that'll be enough, anon.
And if you have more than one waifu you will ruin your laifu.

But what if you actually want to be somebody?

Then you'll have to accomplish something people care about and then not feel too bad when people forget about it. Or you could find a special place in someone's life -- like a significant other or close family.
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If you could be any classic D&D race, which would you choose? (None of that 3e or newer bullshit like warforged or dragonborns. Anything from 2e and older is good.)

Probably an elf. More time to draw comics.
The downside would be all those dirty humans out to steal mai elfu waifu and turn me into a cuck. : T


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