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I saw your draw, its so amazing 😺 I have question, when you start the draw ? Depuis quand tu dessine ? Ps, Sorry for my english, but im french 🙊

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Bonjour! Merci pour votre question~
I've been drawing my whole life, but I only got serious about drawing in 7th grade after watching Sailor Moon. So I've been serious about drawing for 20 years!
Sorry for my french, I'm English. ;w;
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ehhh? Mato's wang isn't absurdly big or anything, and Akari's a grown woman in this instance! AND I ONLY QUIT BECAUSE ANON AND NAMEFAGS WOULDN'T STOP BITCHING AND BULLYING ME

Too much bully, huh? : T
poor nyanyan
have some headpats
there there
there there
there they are
on the ground
pick them up
and pat yourself
like the animal you are nyan
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Guardian Victoria is hard at work hunting the vampire princess!||| Annis, please. Don't you think it's time to acknowledge you've been cucked?

She'll be denying it for all eternity, even in limbo. There's no way her friend would turn on her like that... it's all that bat's doing... y-yeah...
Guardian Victoria is hard at work hunting the vampire princess Annis please Dont

Apparently it doesn't work on https but it does on http.. Your link was HTTP and I was wondering why it suddenly worked flawlessly. so opened up a new page to troubleshoot. https, broken. delete S. works. Guess it was a security thing. Ohwell.fixed.. Chrome was the browser.

Hmm... not sure why that would be. I'll take a look at it next weekend since there might be other using https. Thanks for letting me know!
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Why are you LYING.. VBverse is dangerous and not all too friendly at all.. especially to innocent wolfgirls with curious noses that are bound to get them into trouble.. will we ever learn about the origins of Enna/Algis or do you want to keep them forever mysterious?

How can you explain the incomprehensible? A witch extends in to the realm of Being in ways that mere mortals literally cannot conceive... Kukuku~
btw, you can read their encyclopedia entry here:
Why are you LYING  VBverse is dangerous and not all too friendly at all
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Ah, by cyclops I meant bikky.

Guardian Victoria is hard at work hunting the vampire princess!
The templar guardianship eagerly awaits news of her inevitable victory!
... Well, that's the official line, anyway. But hasn't it been a couple years already...? It wouldn't hurt to show her face in The City every now and then... it'd definitely boost morale around here...
Ah by cyclops I meant bikky
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