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Musclehorns are truly the cutest of them all. Pls make a musclehorn daki in the future so I can hug one every night before going to sleep.

Noted. I may actually do a run of dakimakuras after Himehorn's Daily Life finishes up.
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...Ahh, sweet child of Dank, returned to the harem. An unsatiable Chad, frosting cakes for a fee. Cuckolding all that there is and can be.

Ah, Chad... or some say Chadm.
Give us frostings... give us frostings...!

What kind of pancake is pancake? Is she like silver dollar pancakes, flop over the rim of the plate pancake, artsy whip cream and fruit decorated pancake, comfy simple pancakes, cream filled, crempog, Chad's, potato, Oladyi, Scotch, British, Okonomiyaki, toutons, German...?

She is a comfy, unpretentious, slightly crispy and buttered on one side, made-by-mom-with-love pancake.
What kind of pancake is pancake Is she like silver dollar pancakes flop over the

>yfw all the voices in next Etrian Odyssey are going to be replaced by five underpaid actors trying to pretend they have enough range to do 40. Why haven't your learned moonspeak yet Dan?

Maybe I will. : T
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Have you read Oyasumi, Punpun? you haven't? why not? There's a recommendation for the next time you feel like reading something. It's short. and I know you've been busy with gamestuff- I have faith that the game will at least be cool so you should go beyond that or i'll be let down.. :(TBA2020

Yup, I read it. It was good!

>New Sakura ||| I thought I heard a squee of joy a moment ago

That was my head imploding and my dick exploding in a fountain of blood.
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Etrian Odyssey V has a Japanese release date! Are you ready to wait until December 2017 for a censored localization with a fraction of the custom voice options!?

>censored localization
They're doing to Bravely Second, too.
I'm going to need more REEEs for this one.
Etrian Odyssey V has a Japanese release date Are you ready to wait until

So if dreams are realized and your game studio gets set up- will you be funding projects through Patreon or Kickstarter or something else? I really like your worldbuilding/character design and it's pretty much perfect for an RPG or even a fighting game and i'd totally throw money at you.

Well, I can't talk about anything related to funding at the moment, but we'll see what happens...
And thanks man, I always enjoy doing the world-building and char design. As for the nature of the actual game, well, you'll have to wait and see... hopefully not too long... =w=

What happens to a haremhorn who knits for themselves?

She'll probably be inspected by the other haremhorns. Is she cold? Or sick? Or does she still think she's a smallhorn...? Anyway, cloth should be used to keep the hornmothers or smallhorns warm, safe, and comfy. Anyhorn that thinks otherwise is probably a wronghorn.
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Them sharing the same name was only coincidence! Not part of the reason.. I think I would answer the same way- As long as you can keep yourself content you don't really need to bother with other people. good work getting past your crippling self-doubt and suicidal tendencies!

Thanks, anon!
I'm doing my best every day!
Them sharing the same name was only coincidence  Not part of the reason  I think

You know of someone sharing your name on the internet that seems really cool and want to get to know them. However, your only redeemable qualities are video games and the ability to read. How do you approach? Or do you even try?

Why would you want to connect with someone just because you share the same name? I don't get it...
Anyway, I have no idea. I don't really like reaching out to people. Why bother?
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What do you want to do?

Finish this Himehorn comic!
Then make another one!
Then keep going until the end!
Then finish Vampire Bride!
The Subject of Witches!
And also start my own game studio! Where you can play games with lots of a cutests!! Then maybe an edgey edgelord game after!

Hey Dan, I want to do an experiment... I want to exchange the minds of Darkcake and Cupcake for a while. It will be with full disclosure to the public, so their reputations will be safe if one of them were to do something bad in the body of the other and stuff like that. What do you think?

I don't think it's a good idea. First off, Cupcake is a cupcake and Darkcake is some kind of sophisticated chococake with a little bitterness and adult flavor. If you exchanged their fillings you could get unexpected results... like something out of The Fly.
I don't want to see my a cutest and a best turn into some kind of deep fried oreo ice cream ball.
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